Who is QT?


QT is a doodle that I created when I was 13. I was in 7th grade and an outcast at school up until the time I graduated. 
One day, my mother in her infinite wisdom (sarcasm) forced me to join a club at school when I was treated like trash so I chose the art club. It was once a week after school and I could create what I wanted and I did not have to talk to anyone. 
I was sketching him out and he just spoke to me. That day, I painted him on a canvas, which is lost somewhere at my parents house. QT helped me cope with life back then. 
The other day, he popped back into my head that he should go on living for something good. I thought why not create memes of positivity with him on my social media. My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said a drawing tablet for my Mac. That way I can draw without having to buy supplies. 
I want to turn a negative into a positive and this is the best way to do that. Everyone say hi to QT. 

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