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Disability Hack: Caption Discord Voice Channels

I am a long time gamer, I love Dungeons and Dragons and use Roll20.net to play. There is a problem. My partner is the Dungeon Master (DM) and uses the Discord voice channel. I am hard of hearing but I cannot hear high pitched voices. I do ok with most people except for one when he is talking in character and I constantly struggle. Last night was one of our sessions and I figured this out and I cannot wait to share.

What is needed

A computer with Google Chrome, it needs to be a computer, this won’t work on mobile, sorry

How to Do It

I am going to show you from my Mac because thats the platform I prefer unless I am playing a video game. I have a pc just for that.

1. open preferences and go under advanced and click on accessibility.

2. Select the ticker for live captioning to be on. This allows anything played on Chrome to be live captioned.

3. Go to Discord.com and log into Discord from the web browser instead of the app. Doing so will allow. your voice channel to be captioned.

That’s it! Just connect to your voice channel and it will be captioned. Happy gaming!

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