You Don’t Have To Take Abuse Via Email, Here Is What To do

Developmentally disabled people, Autistic people specifically, are four to 10 more times more likely to be abused than other populations.

According to

  • We tend to be abused more frequently
  • We are abused for longer periods of time
  • We are less likely to access the justice system
  • We are more likely to be abused by a caregiver or someone we may know, many of us are repeatedly abused by the same person

Not Just In Person

Abuse isn’t just physical. With the rise of technology, abuse is done through social media and internet communication. One outlet people do not think of often is email. I have seen people who get an abusive email, they have to sit there and take it, this is not true. There are steps that can be done.

Many email service providers have a clause in their terms of service about using their email service to abuse others.

What Can be Done

Just like on Facebook, abusive emails can be reported to the provider. It has to be the provider that the email is coming from. The email that you would forward the abuse to would be abuse@ or postmaster@ that particular email service provider

For example, I am being threatened with a fake CPS report if I don’t remove my boycott list that isn’t being updated anymore. Its left up as a resource. That email is coming from

The email I would forward the abusive email would are

You Don’t Have to Take the Abuse

You don’t have to take the abuse. You matter. You deserve to be safe. You are more than enough and deserve safety and freedom from abuse.


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