Devices Breaking Constantly with a Neurodivergent Family, This is How We Afford It

I am autistic, I have 7 neurodivergent kids (possibly 8, the baby is not old enough yet to tell yet). We started getting our kids devices when our diabetic child needed an iPod and I did not think it was fair that the others did not have one so we did get each child a device, slowly because it can get expensive.

We afford a phone for each child by going through our cell phone carrier and making payments on each other. Ours is Verizon, but most do this. This way we don’t have to pay a lot per month and they get what they want and need. It wins for everyone. It takes us 2 years to pay the phones off and by that time it will be time to upgrade and we start it over again.

We do have to save up for different video game consoles. That I can’t use the same trick. We go through a lot of controllers. Some throw things when they do not do well or get something achieved in a game and controllers stop working.

Kids break devices. In this house we definitely feel it. As technology becomes more advanced, it becomes more fragile. For example, for the holidays this past year, I bought the kids two Occulus VR. It was easier to control what content they watch on there so it isn’t too mature for them, etc. It is also wireless so they wont get held by cords. It’s a win for everyone. And they are cheaper than most VR. It connects with your Facebook account.

Anyway, the controllers stopped functioning properly, one of the VR stopped charging and the face foam on both of them wore away. I was panicking on what to do because I could not afford the repair at the time. The first VR came back yesterday. Bug was SO HAPPY. The second one is arriving today.

Right after this, Roo dropped his MacBook and cracked the screen.

Full on panic ensued. Then I checked my email. Verizon sent it and it was like it was at the perfect time. They partnered with Asurion to launch Home Device Protect. It is an insurance on your home devices. Unlimited devices. For our family, it’s A LOT of devices.

They cover our phones where if they get lost or damaged they replace them. It is really helpful. My partner even left his phone on top of his car and it fell off. Other cars ran it over and it STILL WORKED. It was covered for this. The copay was $229 but it was for an iPhone 12 Pro so it was still cheaper than replacing it. He used it like that until we could afford it.

Anyway, the price was $25 a month. The controllers and VR were no copay, which was nice. I signed up for it because there is no way I could afford to pay to have all these devices repaired.

So after the waiting period, we went online to file claims. We filed it on Roo’s laptop and the VR systems. The VR was no copay because they treat it like a controller. They fix or replace controllers with no copay if they cant fix it. We spend A LOT every year in controllers. This is going to save us A LOT.

Soon after this, Boop got excited and accidentally spilled soda on it. J did not get mad at her but was just upset. Then I told her the device insurance would fix it and she settled down. She does do art on her Mac and was sad that she would go a few days without doing it.

After this, we filed claims on both computers. Roo’s computer was approved for repair right away. They partnered with a local repair shop and I just dropped it off. I did have to pay a $99 copay on each computer which is a lot cheaper than the repair I would have to pay for so I was happy to pay it.

J’s computer I needed to fill an online form and take photos because it was a soda spill. They still agreed to fix it and its on its way to its repair center.

This is available in the US but I am sure there is something similar to this in other countries. Asurion does partner with a lot of other cellular service providers. This does take a lot of the pressure off. I am not paid by them at all. I wanted to share something I figured out with you in order to make your life easier.

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