A Blogging Platform with Amazing Customer Service

Who I was Using Before

I was using blogger for a long time. It was fine, very basic. I know HTML so I was able to customize a lot myself. It was no big deal. I was using it for about two years. Then Google decided to take my domain offline for NO REASON.

After transferring my domain to WordPress, they send me an email that it was back online. It was back online because it was on a different server. ::eyeroll::

Who I Switched To

I finally had enough and switched to WordPress. It was a lot of work to get it the way I wanted it. It was A LOT of work but this blog platform is really intuitive and customizable. I was able to have auto forwards to the posts and pages new URL, customize the images, etc. The work was time consuming BUT worth it.

Anyway, I chose a theme, and updated it like normal. It even allowed me to auto post to all my social media. With my executive dysfunction, this is extremely helpful.

What Happened with My Site

Fast forward to yesterday. I was doing some customizations and I saw my theme was acting funny so I chose a different one. I went through all the steps and noticed that it was not updating. I was getting frustrated. Went looking online and followed all the steps.

How WordPress Stepped In and Helped

Finally, I went onto the WordPress help chat and they were EXTREMELY helpful.

Here is a transcript of the chat:

fierceautieTue, Apr 19, 4:11 AM
My site isn’t updating at all. I set a new theme and it didnt change at all. 

WP.comTue, Apr 19, 4:11 AM
Hi there! Let me take a look at your site/account. 

fierceautieTue, Apr 19, 4:13 AM

WP.comTue, Apr 19, 4:15 AM
Do you see the correct theme here? https://fierceautiecom.wordpress.com/2022/04/15/having-an-automated-smart-home-helps-a-disabled-family/

fierceautieTue, Apr 19, 4:18 AM

fierceautieTue, Apr 19, 4:18 AM
I tried on different devices

WP.comTue, Apr 19, 4:19 AM
Here’s a screenshot of what I see when I visit the blog post: https://d.pr/i/eC2VPK

WP.comTue, Apr 19, 4:19 AM
Can you take a screenshot of what you see at https://fierceautiecom.wordpress.com/2022/04/15/having-an-automated-smart-home-helps-a-disabled-family/ and send it to me? 

WP.comTue, Apr 19, 4:19 AM
You can use https://snipboard.io to take and share the screenshot with me. 

fierceautieTue, Apr 19, 4:19 AM
thats what you are supposed to see. Why am I not seeing it?

WP.comTue, Apr 19, 4:20 AM
It could be caching issues. 

WP.comTue, Apr 19, 4:20 AM
I do see the issue with the old theme showing up on the homepage, so I’m investigating it on my end. But I see the correct theme when I visit a blog post. 

fierceautieTue, Apr 19, 4:22 AM

fierceautieTue, Apr 19, 4:22 AM
thank you

WP.comTue, Apr 19, 4:28 AM
It looks like we need some more time to investigate the issue. I’d need to follow-up with you via email. Is fierceautisticadvocate@gmail.com the correct email to reach you?

fierceautieTue, Apr 19, 4:29 AM
yes thank you!

WP.comTue, Apr 19, 4:30 AM
You’re welcome! I’ll send you an email right away and another when I have an update on this. Thanks for your patience!

fierceautieTue, Apr 19, 4:32 AM
great! thank you

WP.comTue, Apr 19, 4:33 AM
You’re welcome! 

After I received this confirmation email, I went to bed.

Sajib (Automattic) Apr 19, 2022, 4:36 UTC Hi there!I’m Sajib, a Happiness Engineer at WordPress.com. I’m writing to you regarding your message on live chat earlier. I wanted to send you a quick message saying we’re looking into the theme issue you reported to us on live chat.We’ll get back to you as soon as we have an update on this. If you have any questions in the meantime, please reply to this email.Thanks for your patience!–Regards,
Happiness Engineer,
WordPress.com – Automattic

When I woke up, I got this email:

Norman (Automattic) Apr 19, 2022, 5:59 UTC Hi there,Thanks for your patience.I am now able to see the Dara theme on your website, but it appears broken because one of the plugins on your site is causing the CSS of the site to not load correctly.I recommend deactivating plugins one by one and checking which one brings back the site correctly.I used the Health Check plugin in troubleshooting mode and found the site to be working fine when I disabled all plugins (without affecting anything anything on the live view of the website )https://d.pr/i/jpQ39N Screenshot
– https://d.pr/i/jpQ39NThis confirms that the issue is caused by one of the plugins. However to determine which one, you will need to run a conflict test by disabling them one by one and checking which one makes the site appear correctly.Thanks,Norman – Happiness Engineer | WooCommerce.com | Automattic Inc. |For free daily live demos on how to get started with your WordPress.com site, including audience Q&A, visit WordPress.com Webinars for details on webinar topics, schedule, and registration.

After this, I deactivated plugins, one at a time and I found the one that was effecting it and the problem was solved. I replied with this email and I got a great response:

Alex P (Automattic) 

Apr 19, 2022, 12:40 UTC 

Hello there!

Thank you so much!!! I found the culprit. Thank you for all your help!

I’m glad to know everything is working as expected now! I’m closing this ticket for now. If you need any further assistance, please reach out again and we’ll be here to help you 🙂


Alex P
Happiness Engineer @ WordPress.com

Learn WordPress – register for a free webinar: https://wordpress.com/webinars/
Browse our courses: https://wordpress.com/courses/
Support articles: https://wordpress.com/support/

Thanks again WordPress, for treating my website with dignity and giving it the attention it deserves. They literally got it up and running while I was sleeping. This does not go unnoticed.

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