Disability Hacks: How to Get a Free ADHD/Autism Evaluation if You are in the United States

Diagnosis access is almost impossible in the United States. Insurance does not cover, a lot of people are uninsured or the evaluations are just for children. A lot of people are not lucky like I was to get an ADHD diagnosis in the 80’s. I was able to get a free free evaluation on Social Security’s dime without needing insurance.

What Did I Do?

I was trying to get re evaluated because my only evaluation was when I was 6. When trying to get help or services, I was told that my evaluation was too old. I was uninsured before the affordable care act because through my partner’s insurance, if I was added the price increased 3 times!

I applied for disability through social security even though I KNEW I would be denied. Why did I do this? I knew if they couldn’t get the right information from my evaluation from the 80’s, they sent me to a neuropsychologist for an ADHD evaluation.

They only send appointments via US mail. Make sure you watch your mail for your appointment letter because you will need to bring that with you along with any records if you have any.

This process can take several months but be patient. They don’t tell you that you can request the record from them after you get denied or approved.

My diagnosis was updated from ADHD in the 80’s, because ADD was a diagnosis at that time, to ADHD, combined type. I did this about 15 years ago.

I really hope this helps someone!

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