Disability Hacks: Giving your Squishmallows or other Plushies New Life By Adding More Stuffing

I bought Kayce Pandacorn from Goodwill a few years ago. He was well loved and the stuffing was worn but I love him. Boop was in the facility and she used to call me panda all the time. It was appropriate and $3 was an amazing price. I get most of my Squish from there are 5 below.

Squishmallows allow me to sleep with less pain because they ease my joints due to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

The other day I looked at Kayce the Pandacorn and I saw that he really needed stuffing. I am really happy with the results. He looks like he has new life and is really comfy.

Img: my finger tugging on Kayce’s skin and showing that he really needs stuffing
Kayce sitting on my bed showing the the has new life because of the stuffing that I gave him.

Tutorial on How to Give Your Plushies New Life

Materials Needed:

  • Polyfill Silk Stuffing
  • Seem Ripper (the one linked below I have in Pink)
  • Needle and Thread (amazon link for a sewing kit if you don’t have)

Amazon Links to Materials Needed:


Step one: Find a comfortable Place to start this project. If you have EDS like me, that is the most important thing so you can finish the job.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials so they are in reach. (I didn’t show the stuffing because I already destuffed Kayce). Smokey, our ex feral cat, is not included but she always wants to be included when I am doing any type of sewing.

Step 3: Rip 4 inches in the seem. I take the rear end of the plushie and pull from either directions so I see the seem. I then take my seem ripper and rip one stitch at a time to make sure I don’t rip the fabric. I showed my Eeyore squish seem to show you what I am talking about. Be sure to do one stitch at at time. Super important.

Step 4: Through the hole you just made, put more stuffing in there. Be careful no to let any out. It should all stay in there. Put as much stuffing as you want. Feel and squeeze your plushie to make sure it is the desired fill

Step 5: Use an invisible closing stitch to close it up. Here is a YouTube video showing how to do one if you don’t already know:

Mozel Tov! You are all done and you gave your plushie new life!

One thought on “Disability Hacks: Giving your Squishmallows or other Plushies New Life By Adding More Stuffing

  1. One of my favourite hacks yet, Aviva!

    I can do that kind of plain sewing.

    Hard to get the portions for the stuffies.

    [and when I was young I used to poke or exaggerate holes in stuffies and plushies which were given to me].


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