Accommodating Your Magpie Child

Magpie isn’t really a type of human but something I call a neurodivergent human who has a compulsion to take shiny and small objects they like. This is named after a species of birds that is known for taking tiny trinkets to their nests.

I call it that because when I was talking to a friend, they called that child a little magpie. They take it from their siblings, friends, significant others, strangers, etc. This could get them in trouble in the real world.

Can You Accommodate Someone Who is a Magpie?

You can accommodate the human who is a magpie In my family one of my children is one. I won’t say who because I won’t shame them even though I use pseudonyms for all my children on here.

Each of my children have little trinkets that are special to them. One of my children practices Wicca, one has small things that are special to them, etc. I have a small box where I keep my Kabbalah crystals and my Magen David/pentacle necklace I have had since I was a teenager.

Speaking To Them About Boundaries

The hard part is trying to talk to the person who is taking these trinkets that do not belong to them. Explaining boundaries does not help. They understand it but they cannot help taking from others. My child who does take from their siblings feels awful about it after it happens but cannot help it in the moment. They always return it when confronted.

How To Accommodate a Magpie Human

Each child has a lock box. These do not have to be expensive. I go to the thrift store and find a wooden box. It can be a box with designs or not. It really doesn’t matter. I found a really pretty box with a moon and stars on it. I then went on Amazon and bought a Jewelry box lock and hasp set. It was really cheap. I took my electric screw driver and attached it to the wooden box. It took me 5 minutes

Finding a box according to each child’s tastes is a great idea. Get a box for the child who is a Magpie too. You don’t want them to feel left out. They aren’t doing things to hurt anyone else. There is no need to shame them for it.

Amazon Link for those who need it:

What Happens When The Children are Accommodated?

After getting lock boxes for each child, the atmosphere in the house is much better. Each child can keep their trinkets secure and the child who is the magpie will not be able to take these trinkets that are locked up.

If there is something that the child in question wants, we do get it for them. It is not a matter of them not having. It is a matter of them seeing something they really like and not being able to control their impulses.

One thought on “Accommodating Your Magpie Child

  1. Oh yes!

    I too am a magpie – and there is only one of me.

    I have also had people in my life with magpie tendencies.

    [and, yes, they do like shiny things – like highlighter fluorescent pens].

    These boxes are very helpful.

    Some people like to have a box which is visible.

    Glad you outlined the difference between Not Having and Seeing Something You Really Like.

    For me this was a primary-coloured spinning top.


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