Quack Exposed: Gayle DeLong

Gayle DeLong is a parent to two autistic girls. She was born in 1958. In May 2005, she stared to use biomedical quack cures to try to cure autism. They have done supplements, chelation, restrictive quack diets, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. DeLong earned her Ph. D in international business and finance from New York University.... Continue Reading →

Autistics Don't Trust Awareness Gear Companies and Here is Why

const scriptEl = document.createElement('script'); scriptEl.src = '' + encodeURIComponent(window.location.href); document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(scriptEl, document.currentScript); It is no secret that most autism awareness gear that is out there is geared towards "autism parents." They aim to represent us and not with us just to make a dollar. This is something the majority of us have bene adamantly against. This... Continue Reading →

Who is QT?

QT is a doodle that I created when I was 13. I was in 7th grade and an outcast at school up until the time I graduated.  One day, my mother in her infinite wisdom (sarcasm) forced me to join a club at school when I was treated like trash so I chose the art... Continue Reading →

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