Veterinary and Autism

Debarking an Autistic Child?

A mother from Wisconsin had a very controversial surgery done on her autistic child. She claimed that it helped quiet him. The mother said it was the right choice for their family. Kade Hadegraaf is her son. Three years ago he started screaming and didn’t stop. The mother claimed that he would scream 1000 times… Continue reading Debarking an Autistic Child?

Can Dogs Be Autistic?

There has been the age old question going around the community:”Can dogs be autistic?” The answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem. To answer this question, the psychology of dogs, structure of their brain and genetics need to be examined.  Psychology of humans and psychology of dogs are completely different. … Continue reading Can Dogs Be Autistic?

"Autism Parents" Would Learn A Lot from Jackson Galaxy

The majority of “autism parents” I run into want to fix their autistic child with ABA or having them mask. This is usually achieved by operant conditioning, positive/negative reinforcement, etc. As an autistic veterinary technologist, I noticed that Jackson Galaxy from “My Cat From Hell” has a different approach when he works with cats and… Continue reading "Autism Parents" Would Learn A Lot from Jackson Galaxy