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Disability History: Helen Keller

Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880 in Tuscubia, Alabama. She became DeafBlind after a fever caused by meningitis at 19 months old. Her teacher, Anne Sullivan taught her how to communicate with ASL, lipreading and Braille.  This is not to say that she wasn't able to do anything before being taught by Ms.… Continue reading Disability History: Helen Keller

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Deaf Civil Rights Parallels Autistic Civil Rights

Cochlear Implant What is the cochlear implant? It is a device that is surgically installed in the cochlea to give a Deaf people sound. It uses electrical impulses to send sound waves to the brain by working around the damaged cochlea, creating a perceived indication of sound to a Deaf person or Hard of Hearing… Continue reading Deaf Civil Rights Parallels Autistic Civil Rights

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Autistic History: Akitoin T4

When you think T4, you think thyroid test. It also has a much darker meaning. This program was called Aktoin T4 program or the T4 Program. T4 stands for Tiergartenstrasse 4.  This was the Nazi's effort, disguised as a euthanasia program, to kill ill, mentally disabled, physically disabled, "emotionally distraught" and elderly people. The word… Continue reading Autistic History: Akitoin T4