Quackery Exposed: CEASE Therapy

CEASE therapy stands for Complete Elimination of Autistic Expression. Its advertised as a method that can rid children of "toxic imprint" from vaccines and other substances. Naturopaths believe this causes autism. The actual therapy includes supplements like vitamin C or Zinc (orthomolecular support). The children subjected to CEASE therapy are given over 200 times more … Continue reading Quackery Exposed: CEASE Therapy

Quack Diet: Specific Carbohydrate Diet

What is the Specific Carbohydrate Diet? According to Sanford University, the specific carbohydrate diet is a nutritional therapy in pediatric Crohn's disease. It is a well established and effective treatment to induce remission of active inflammation. SCD was developed from the work of Dr. Sydney Haas, a biologist an scientist who helped her daughter with … Continue reading Quack Diet: Specific Carbohydrate Diet

Quack Myth Exposed: Autism is Autoimmune Encephilitis

  A long time Autism One speaker Marcia Hinds says that autism should never be a term. She claims it should be included with autoimmune encephalitis. Autoimmune encephalitis is a real disease. Hinds claiming this trivializes what the people with this autoimmune disease go through every day.   Autoimmune Encephalitis Autoimmune encephalitis is a group … Continue reading Quack Myth Exposed: Autism is Autoimmune Encephilitis

Quackery Exposed: Gluten Free/Casein Free Diet

  Disclaimer: If you have a legitimate medical condition or allergy that prohibits you from eating casein or gluten, this is not directed at you. This is about the restrictive diet marketed to parents of autistic children. Gluten Free, Casein free diet is a restrictive diets that pseudoscience says will "make autism better." To me … Continue reading Quackery Exposed: Gluten Free/Casein Free Diet

Quack Treatments: GAPS diet

The GAPS diet is a restrictive diet used to try to cure autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, depression and schizophrenia. It is promoted as a natural treatment for the named conditions.  It stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome. It requires its followers to stop ingesting grains pasteurized dairy, starchy vegetables and refined carbohydrates. It was … Continue reading Quack Treatments: GAPS diet