Privacy Policy

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Autistic Internet Boycott List (no longer being updated)

Due to life circumstances, I am no longer able to keep up on this. This will no longer be updated. I have included descriptions on what happened with ones I have personal experience with AABA Leaks (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram)(very transphobic)  screenshotAE Wood Foundation [Facebook][Youtube] ABA organization that disguises themselves and helpful Blog PostAgony Autie (Agony Autie Facebook) (Sara Jane Harvey Facebook) (Instagram) (youtube )(Attacked … Continue reading Autistic Internet Boycott List (no longer being updated)

A Draft of the Declaration of the Autism Community

Members of the autism community, comprising those with conditions on the autism spectrum, such as autism and asperger’s, are hereby declaring that we are a minority group and wish to be accorded the legal protection and freedom from discrimination that is shown to other minority groups. We recognise ourselves as a minority group based on … Continue reading A Draft of the Declaration of the Autism Community

Kerri Rivera "Troll Watch"

Troll WatchInvestigators Seeking InformationJuly 8th, 2019 / KerriIf you have been a victim of any of these people described below, please write me with details including screen shots. We are gathering this material for investigators who are looking into these people kerri@kerririvera.comWhat follows may be shocking and unbelievable.Unfortunately for the victims – and that includes anyone who … Continue reading Kerri Rivera "Troll Watch"