Agony Autie Attack on My Autistic Sparkle

 How is this remotely ok?For years Emma Dalmayne has campaigned tirelesslyagainst autistic child exploitation online?Yet they have literally set up a YouTube page, withsponsors London Autism Group Charity I cannotcondone this & the mother has framed her 8 year olddaughter as an autistic presenter? (My franks age)I'm amazed at the hypocrisy & endangerment. I am … Continue reading Agony Autie Attack on My Autistic Sparkle

Autistic Acceptance Reciepts

Whenyou're tired of autisticpeople but you are anautistic people8 hrs.I created a group that looks andfeels like an uwu safe space. Butthat's not what it is. It's actuallyan uwu trapIt's where uwu's will come to beleft "literally shaking"If you'd like to re-educate someuwu's, you're welcome to joinAutisticAcceptancePrivate group. 75 membersJoin GroupAboutA safe and accepting placefor … Continue reading Autistic Acceptance Reciepts