Blog Monetization Resources

None of these make a lot of money but getting a little extra always helps a lot.
Adsense is google ads being placed on your website. After much experimenting, this works. You can control where you place it on your site so it’s not intrusive. If there are ads that you do not agree with like ABA or other quackery, you can go into your portal and block that advertiser. I usually have to do this once a month unless I miss one and a reader lets me know. I normally get around 100 every 3 or 4 months.
Ko-fi is a platform that you can use to get donations for your work. You can place it on your game streams, on your site, in comments on your social media, etc. I have gotten some donations but not a lot. I like to make it no pressure. I have it on the side bar of my website and some people see it, like an article I write and they will send a donation. It connects to PayPal or stripe. I chose stripe because it goes right to my bank account. On this you can post images, etc. I put the meds and art I make. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering. They offer subscriptions too so if a follower wants to contribute monthly to your work, they can.
This is a podcast platform. This can also make your blog more accessible. Thats how I started with that,. If you have a WordPress blog, anchor connects right with it. It can automatically convert any of your blogs into audio and using HTML, you can add it to the top of your blog. Your an go in and edit it if you edit blog posts. I do that a lot to keep things organized. If there is updates, I go update the audio too. Speaking it with my voice, it tires me out and this makes it easier. Less spoons being used, After you have been adding audio long enough, they offer you an ad spot, You do need to make audio with the ad with your own voice, Once it gets saved once, thats it, you just add you previous recording. I just got my first payout. I get normally 10 dollars every few months but sometimes that 10 dollars can make a big difference.