Ann Borden King

Trump Suggested ‘Injecting’ Disinfectant to Cure Coronavirus? We’re Not Surprised

False “bleach cures” have been touted for autism, cancer — and now Covid-19. By Melissa Eaton, Anne Borden King, Emma Dalmayne and Amanda Seigler The authors are mothers of autistic children who have been working to prevent medical misinformation. April 26, 2020 At a news conference on Thursday, President Trump surprised nearly everyone when he suggested using powerful cleaning agents,… Continue Reading →

Autism Policy Blog: Autism, COVID-19, and Misinformation

Sunday, April 26, 2020 Autism, COVID-19, and Misinformation In The Politics of Autism, I discuss autism quackery.  One particularly dangerous “cure” involves bleach.  Lately, the quacks hawking a bleach solution have rebranded it as a cure for coronavirus. Some autism parents are fighting back. Melissa Eaton, Anne Borden King, Emma Dalmayne and Amanda Seigler write at The New York Times: For the past five… Continue Reading →

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