Boycott List (No longer being update)

Due to life circumstances, I am no longer able to keep up on this. This will no longer be updated. 

I have included descriptions on what happened with ones I have personal experience with



ABA Leaks (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram)(very transphobic)  screenshot

AE Wood Foundation [Facebook][Youtube] ABA organization that disguises themselves and helpful Blog Post
Agony Autie (Agony Autie Facebook) (Sara Jane Harvey Facebook) (Instagram) (youtube )(Attacked a young autistic advocate and has abused others in the community [Screen shots]

Arizona State University (ASU) [Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram] [Youtube] (responsible for the fecal transplants that autistic children are subjected to)
Aspergers & High Functioning Autism Awareness (Facebook) (Twitter) (warrior parent mentality, puzzle pieces and functioning labels)Aspergers Syndrome Awareness (Facebook) (toxic aspie supremacy, functioning labels)
Autistic Rights Together [Facebook] A fake non profit organization by Fiona Oleary to slander and abuse other autistic advocates. She used to advocate for autistic rights but has gone downhill. 
Autism 360 (Facebook) (Instagram)(describes symptoms and connects behavior with diet)
>autism (Facebook) (looks to “defeat” autism and exploits child)Autism (Facebook)(puzzle piece symbolism and martyr parent narrative)Autism Academy for Education and Development (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter) (uses reward system AKA ABA)Autism and Girls: Parenting Girls on the Autism Spectrum (Facebook) (idolizes Temple Grandin and martyr parent narrative)Autism and Grilled Cheese (Facebook) (Affiliated with Joy of Autism, a well known martyr parent)Autism Hope Alliance (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter) (Youtube)(pushes restrictive diets – blog post on AHA)
Autism and a Side of Fries [Facebook] [Youtube] (martyr parent and partners with Angelsense)
Autism and Aspergers Awareness (Facebook) (Shares Fathering Autism and sells puzzle piece imagery) (Facebook) (Twitter) (inspiration porn)Autism Awareness America (Facebook)(martyr parent mentality)Autism Awareness Shop (Facebook)(puzzle piece imagery and martyr parent narrative)Autism Daddy (Facebook) (Instagram) (Youtube)(martyr dad and connected with Finding Coopers Voice)Autism Discussion Page (Facebook) (against child autonomy)

Autism Family (Facebook)(sells puzzle piece products to martyr parents)Autism Fathers (Facebook)(pseudoscience, sites Health Impact News)Autism Mom’s Love (Facebook) (sells puzzle imagery, commits cultural appropriation, ableist)Autism Moms Support Group (Facebook) (Pro ABA, functioning labels, martyr narrative)Autism One (Facebook)(Twitter)(Youtube) (holds a quackfest annually. Where MMS was introduced to parents of autistics. Blog Post)
Autism on the Mighty (Facebook)(Partnered with Autism Speaks)Autism On The Seas (Facebook)(Twitter) (Instagram)(Youtube)(exploiting families for “special vacations” because they think autistics can’t go on trips)Autism Parenting Magazine (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Youtube) (martyr parents and inspiration porn. When challenged by Autistics about ABA, they instantly ban)Autism Science Foundation (Facebook)(Twitter)(Instagram)(Youtube)(non profit set to find a cure. Blog)
Autism Smiles LLC (Facebook) (Twitter) – (scams families with autistic children out of their money, promising online) Autism Society of America (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Youtube)- (I did a write up Here)Autism Speaks (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Youtube) (enough said)

Autism Speaks for Ty (Facebook)- She steals images to use on her page and is a martyr momAutism Spectrum Disorder, Through My Eyes Facebook (martyr parents)

AutismTalk (Facebook)(pushes bogus articles about links to autism that do not exist)Autism, Through His Eyes (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Youtube) (shows ABA videos with her son)

Facebook Groups: 

Ask an Autistic (they got the original group shut down. They do not support the autistic community!)
Asperger Parents (functioning labels, silences autistic adults)Aspergers Support HavenAspergers Syndrome Awareness (toxic group with aspie supremacy, functioning labels)Aspergers Syndrome Awarenessحد AUTISM (martyr parents)Autism 360 Club (describes symptoms and connects it with diet)Autism-public group and full of martyr parentsAutism and Special Needs Action Group– martyr parents run the group and no one can say anything negative or be silencedAutism and Us- support group (martyr parents, “autism won today”)Autism Awareness Australia (pro ABA and promotes CARD)Autism Family Support Group (martyr parents)Autism-For the Love of Autism– full of pseudoscienceAutism Mama: Advice and Support (martyr parent group)Autism Moms of Massachusetts  (a local martyr parent group)Autism Parents and Discussion Group (martyr group. I have found a few pedophiles in there)
Autism Parents Group (public group, pro ABA, allows photos with kids in diapers, silences autistic people)Autism Society of North Carolina (silences autistic people)Autism Spectrum Disorder and SPD Parent support group (martyr parents who do not want to be told they are wrong)Autism Support and Chat Southern California (a local martyr parent group)Autism Support and Discussion– actively trying to do better. Currently helping them to do so. Autism Support Group!!!!! Dallas/Fort Worth (local martyr parent group)Autism Tattoos (puzzle piece tattos)Autisme Maroc (ABA, martyr parents)Autistics getting made at things they made up themselves
Autistics and Allies for Ethical ABA  (abuse can’t be reformed to not be abuse. It needs to be abolished)
Autistic Women– TERF is a prohibited word, not safe for LGBTQ. Screen Shots


Bionexus Health (Facebook)  (Youtube) (Founded by Autism One quack Jodie DaShore)
Richard Boles (Facebook) (Autism One Quack blog)
Bonnie Brandes (Facebook) (Twitter) (Youtube) (Autism One Quack blog)
Born Different (Facebook) (Instagram(Youtube)(inspiration porn)

Caliber Autism (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Youtube)- Racist ABACenter for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram)(Youtube ) (LinkedIn)(ABA based national nonprofit)

The Classy Aspie (Facebook if it becomes available) (Youtube) (Instagram) [Fake Instagram to Abuse Other Autistics]- she states that proper representation is not necessary. Most of the actually autistic movement is not autistic due to not having a clinical diagnosis while arm chair diagnosing Sia and Maddie Zeigler and an aspie supremacist (Screen Shots and video)

C O N N I E [Facebook]  [Twitter] [Instagram]- says self diagnosis is not valid, argues and belittles autistic people, co-opts son’s identity. Blog Post  [Hate Campaign making a false CPS report to try to traumatize my kids][Screen shots and videos]Cure Autism Now (Facebook) (Instagram)

Facebook Groups:

CBD for Autism, ADHD and more (pseudoscience)Children with Autism and the Parents that Adore them– the name should be enoughClassy Aspie
Cure Autism Now


Dave Grohl [Instagram] (Exclusively fundraises for Autism Speaks Video)
Diary of an Autism Mom (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram)(supports James Adams )Different Not Less (Facebook) (Instagram) (martyr parents)Dr Adams ASU’s Microbiota Transfer Transplant FAQ   (Facebook) (fecal transplants )

Facebook Groups

Dinos and Nuggets Corner (pro ABA group that disrespects dinosaurs. My stegosaurus does not approve.)



Epiphany Healing Arts with Tami Duncan (Facebook)(Twitter) (Youtube)(Autism One quack. blog )



Faith Mummy  (facebook) (martyr mom, exploits her children)
Fathers Autism Network- Calgary (Facebook)  (supports autism speaks, martyr parents)Fathering Autism (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter) (Youtube) (exploits daughter, shows ABA and even her on the toilet)Fathers of Autism (Facebook) (Twitter)  (shares Finding Coopers voice, exploits child)Fighting for Autism (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Youtube) (martyr parents who say autism needs to be fought)Filter Free Parents (Facebook) (Instagram) (Pinterestcomparing autism to a raging beast 
Finding Cooper’s Voice (Facebook) (Instagram) (Youtube) (This is a martyr mom of the highest degree. Takes her son into very overwhelming situations and then makes her son’s discomfort about her. Then she gets advocates shut down. Find some screen shots here)

Fiona OLeary  [Twitter ] [Youtube][Screen shots and videos] [Hate Campaign making a false CPS report to try to traumatize my kids]Florida Autism School of Excellence (FACE) (Facebook) (uses restraints, ABA and supports Autism Speaks)Fluoride Action Network (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Youtube)(founded by Autism One quack Paul Connett)

Facebook Groups:

Families with Autism Kids– martyr parents galore


Geri Brewster (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram)  (Autism One Quack blog)

Facebook groups:A Group Where You can ask (almost) anything


Home Depot (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Youtube)(Donated $25 million to Start Autism Speaks.Blog)


I Love Someone With Autism Facebook (sells puzzle piece imagery)


I Love Someone with Autism Martyr parent group connected with the above page


Jaime HeidelThe Articulate Autistic (Facebook) (Instagram) (Twitter) (Twitter) (Youtube)(- very racist. She created a new page to erase her racism.

Jason Hague, Writer (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram)  supports Finding Coopers Voice, Autism Daddy and other public martyr parents)JB Handley (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Cofounded Generation Rescue, McCarthy’s partner in quackery blog)
Jenny McCarthy (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (I should not have to say why she is here)
Jess Plus the Mess (Facebook) Pro-ABA, Puzzle pieces, Functioning labels, PFL, Autism parent martyr mentality, grieves autism, supports NCSA, Autism Speaks, Temple Grandin, and NAS

Joy(s) of Autism (Facebook) (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (silences autistic people) Screen Shots

Screen Shots Julia’s Journey (Facebook) (exploits and uses her child as inspiration porn)

Facebook Groups:

Jeff Snyder- Autism Advocacy– pro Temple GrandinJulia’s Journey (connected with the FB page)
Just Aspies (racism, supremacy, toxic)


Kathleen DiChiara (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Youtube)(Autism One quack blog)
Kelloggs (Facebook Page)(Twitter)(Instagram)(Partner with Autism Speaks and has Ablest Rice Krispies Treats campaign. ) (Blog Post)
Kendra Becker Musante (Facebook) (Autism One Quack blog)
Kerry Magro (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Youtube)(Kerry Magro from Autism Speaks
education. CBC Article)Keven Chapman – Different, Not Broken (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Youtube)


The Lucas Project [Facebook]


Maddox’s Autism Chronicals (Facebook) (Twitter) (extreme martyr mom)Marcia Hinds (Facebook) (Twitter ) (Youtube) (quack who says Autism is autoimmune encephalitis blog )
MaryRuth Organics (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Youtube) (pushes supplements to autistic children and their families. It is pushed in the biomedical community. Blog Post)
Thomas A. McKean [Twitter] poorly written website, pro ABA, pro martyrdom, pro tragedy narrative, pro ADW
Medical Medium (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Youtube)(Thinks Autism can be cured by celery juice blog)
Monique Andrews/Dr. Mo Knows/The Prana Foundation/DC Neuro Review (Facebook) (Twitter)(Instagram)(Instagram) (Youtube )(Autism One Quack blog)

Facebook Groups:

Maryland Moms of Children with Autism (local martyr parent group)Michigan Autism Parents (local martyr parent group)Mums on the Spectrum (I had experienced audism there and more recently they protect antisemitism but mute a Jew for speaking out about it. Screen Shots


National Autistic Society (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Youtube)(uses problematic language, care homes need a lot of improvements to be safe, silences autistic people)National Council on Severe Autism (NCSA) (Facebook) (Twitter)  – calls advocates the “neurodiversity mob” NeuroIntegrity {puzzle pieces, nazi supporters, martyr parents, fence sitting and ABA galore}
Nick the Aspie Writer [Twitter] [Instagram] [Youtube][Backup YoutubeReceipts (queer phobic, aspie supremacy)
Nike (Facebook)(Twitter)(Youtube)(Instagram)Autism Speaks Partner(Screen Shots)
Not Raingirl Pro ABA autistic 

Not Your Average Autism Mom (Facebook) Pro-ABA, Puzzle pieces, Functioning labels, PFL, Autism parent martyr mentality, says she takes pictures of her adult son and posts them without his permission


Operation Divergent Academy [Facebook] [Twitter] [Youtube] refuses to pay autistic contributors and has even been taken to court over this issue. 
Our Holmlife: Ava’s Autism Journey (Facebook) (an “autism mom” that does not have a clue. She seems to idolize Finding Coopers Voice and loves the Autism Cafe.  Screen shots)


Paul Offit (Facebook) (Twitter) (LinkedIn)(Pro Vaccine but founding board member for Autism Science Foundation. blog)
Parenting High Functioning Autistic Children (Facebook) (functioning labels)Pathfinders for Autism (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Youtube) (partners with ARI)


Rainmom (Facebook) (Instagram)(martyr parent)Roby Mitchell (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Youtube)(lost medical license in Texas. blog)
Richard Bogner [Facebook] (Autism One Quack who founded Oxford Recovery Center [Facebook] [Twitter] [Youtube] [Blog])



Rebekah J Samuel cult leader of Scripture Prescription Minstries
Scripture Prescription Ministries [Facebook] a cult inside the autistic community. [Blog]
William Shatner(Captian Broflake) [Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram] [Youtube](shuts down autistic people and is the spokeperson for Autism Speaks)Sia (Facebook)(Twitter) (Instagram) (YoutubeActs Like a Martyr When Challenged By Autistics About Her Film
Single Mothers of Children with Autism [Facebook]  [Instagram](martyr parent memes)SNAP Supplement [Facebook] (supplement that preys on parents that promises “improved behavior”)Spark for Autism [Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram] [Youtube](Creating a DNA registry of autistics. Write up is found Here)Stephanie Seneff [Facebook] [Twitter] (Autism one Quack. Blog post coming soon)
Stop Pretending to Be Autistic [Twitter]
Stories About Autism [Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram](martyr parents that silence autistics)Stuart Duncan-Autism Father [Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram](thinks he can separate the autism from the child)Sue Larkey [Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram] [Youtube](an educator that pushes behaviorism and uses terms like neurodiverse. Can’t have it both ways. Blog.)
Summer Boger [Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram](Autism One quack. blog)
Susan Burdick [FacebookInstagram [Youtube] (Autism One quack. blog)


Stories About Autism– says they accept autistic people but silence when we get annoyed at ableismSue Larkey Parent/Caregiver Support Group (behaviorist and uses neurodiversity terms Blog.)Sue Larkey Podcast Community  (behaviorist and uses neurodiversity terms. Blog.)
Supporty McGroup Face Racist group Support for Parents of Special Needs Children (silences autistics)Support for Adult Aspies (functioning labels, some supremacy)


Temple Grandin [Facebook] [Twitter]  (Pro ABA, only talks to autistics who have a job. blog post)
The Autism Community in Action (TACA) [Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram] [Youtube] (pushes dangerous pseudoscience  Blog Posts on TACA)
The Autism Cafe by Eileen Lamb [Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram] [Youtube]

The Autism Site [Facebook] [Twitter] (promotes pseudoscience links to autism)The Autism Dad [Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram] [Youtube](Marytr parent, uses ABA)

The Neurodiverse Woman [Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram] (publicly racist, silences, doxes and gaslights BIPOC Screenshots)
The Daily Stim [Facebook] (They put themselves out as an acceptance page but recently they came out as pro puzzle piece and pro ABA. I cannot recommend them to the Autistic Community anymore. See screens here)Thrive With Autism (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram)
Tom Clemments [Twitter] (ADW)Tony Attwood [Facebook] (Australian psychologist who is queer-phobic and stresses functioning labels. blog)

Facebook Groups:

The Nemechek Protocol Autism and Developmental Disorders Support Group (debunked Nemechek


UWU Autistic Community Watch [Facebook]


United in Autism (Facebook) (Twitter) (Instagram) Pro-ABA, Puzzle pieces, Functioning labels, PFL, Autism parent martyr mentality, supports NCSA, Autism Speaks, Temple Grandin, and NASThe Unknown Writers Group– ran by Nick the WriterUtah Autism Support (local martyr group)UWU Autistic Community Watch


Walk Down Autism Lane with Dominic [Facebook] (martyr parent)Walking With Drake [Facebook]- came on the Daily Stim to defend the stance on ABA. ABA is never acceptableWelcome to My Life- Autism Warrior Mom [Facebook][Twitter][Instagram][Instagram]
Wheelchair Repunzel [Facebook][Twitter] [Instagram] [Talking over the autistic community and perpetuating stereotypes and harmful imagery] She talks about autism when she isn’t autistic and talks over autistic people when confronted about it. She uses harmful imagery on top of it. White Castle [Facebook][Twitter][instagram] (Autism Speaks partner)World Autism Awareness DayFacebook (promotes Autism Speaks)When You are Tired of Autistic People When You are An Autistic People [Facebook] (troll page)

Facebook Groups: 

When You Are Tired of Autistic People When You Are An Autistic People (autistic self hating group. Trolls)When You are Tired of Autistic People, But You are an Autistic People II
Wives of aspies Raw and Uncut (Screen Shots) group for NT partners of autistic men to complain about them. Its horrible. Only joined to get screens and quickly left. 


Yale Child Study Center(Facebook) (Twitter) connected with Spark for Autism


Zoowalk for Autism [Facebook] [Twitter] [Instagram] (Major fundraiser for Autism research at ASU. Think fecal transplant research by James Adams)