Problematic Organizations

Problematic Organization: Autism One

Autism one is a non profit organization that was started by a small group of parents of autistic children.  It is 100% a quackfest. They use biomedical “cures” to try to “heal” their children from autism. It was founded by Ed Arranga. He was a father of an autistic child and retired from his position as… Continue Reading →

Problematic Organizations: Autism Genetic Resource Exchange

The Autism Resource Exchange (ARGE) is a open gene bank with a large collection of DNA samples from families with more than one autistic child.  There is data from over 2000 families. Standardization, collaboration and data sharing are the three key guiding principles of AGRE. It is focused on the rapid accumulation of high quality… Continue Reading →

Problematic Organization: Autism Science Foundation

Autism Science Foundation (ASF) is a non profit organization that supports research into autism. ASF was started in April of 2009 by Allison Singer. She was a prior senior executive of Autism Speaks. She was also a member of of the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (post coming later). Her cofounder was Karen Margulis London. Margulis… Continue Reading →

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