Quack Clinic: Oxford Recovery Center

The Oxford Recovery Center was founded in 2008 in South Lyon, Michigan after the CEO Tami Peterson "witnessed the healing potential of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber" after experimenting on her daughter. So according to Peterson, a few months after using the HBOT, her daughter was able to dance the Nutcracker ballet and was "completely healed."... Continue Reading →

Autistic History: Judge Rotenberg Center

The Judge Rotenberg Center is an institution that is located in Canton, Massachusetts. It was founded by Mathew Israel in 1971 and originally called the Behavior Research Institute. Israel was a psychologist who trained with B F Skinner, the founder of radical behaviorism. In 1994, they changed their name to the Judge Rotenberg Center to "honor the... Continue Reading →

Problematic Organization: A E Wood Foundation

AE Wood Foundation is a non profit charity that was established in 2018.They have a location in Tampa, Florida and Memphis, Tennessee.  Their goal is to connect families with the medical, therapeutic and educational providers. "The foundation works to enhance the ability of children and young adults and their families to succeed in life while... Continue Reading →

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