Autistic History: Judge Rotenberg Center

The Judge Rotenberg Center is an institution that is located in Canton, Massachusetts. It was founded by Mathew Israel in 1971 and originally called the Behavior Research Institute. Israel was a psychologist who trained with B F Skinner, the founder of radical behaviorism. In 1994, they changed their name to the Judge Rotenberg Center to "honor the... Continue Reading →

Stigma Against Cluster B Needs To Stop

Stigma is everywhere. It is against different disabilities, religions, races, etc. It is harmful. There is a lot of it when it comes to the autistic community. The autistic community perpetuates stigma against people with cluster B personality disorders. It's because it was taught like that from the psychologist we see and who study us.... Continue Reading →

Why the Name Change?

For over 20 years, I have been preferred to be called by my Hebrew name, not my Americanized name. My Americanized name is a symbol of the abuse and torture I had as a child and changing my name is a way of letting that go and being free of the trauma and abuse.  I... Continue Reading →

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