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National Coming Out day

October 11 is National Coming Out Day. You can be lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, non-binary, transgender, asexual, queer, or anything in between. It is time to be proud of who you are and your support for queer equality and National Coming Out Day. Over 70% of autistics identify as queer. History This day was inspired… Continue reading National Coming Out day

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The Blue Pumpkin and Why I will Never Get One for my Children

With Halloween coming up, the blue pumpkin project has surfaced online. The blue pumpkin is to make the autistic children stand out so people know that the child may not be able to say "trick or treat." It seems innocent enough but the autistic community as a whole is against this. Blue for autism was… Continue reading The Blue Pumpkin and Why I will Never Get One for my Children