In the Media: The Anti Vax Conspiracy

 Emma Dalymane, Melissa Eaton and myself had an opportunity to work on a year long project to combat the anti vax movement. This was a documentary called the Anti Vax Conspiracy. I believe this is a direct response to the propaganda film Vaxxed.  It was a great experience taking part in this and I am... Continue Reading →

Quack Exposed: Senta Depuydt

Senta Depuydt is a Belgian journalist, coach, and organizer of the congress "Sortir de L'Autisme" and the mother of an autistic child with low support needs. Sotir de L'Autisme is the first European Congress on biomedical treatments in Paris and hosted debates on the biology of autism and vaccine safety in numerous French Speaking Countries.... Continue Reading →

Quack Exposed: Monica Leon del Rio

Monica Leon del Rio is a  Colombian attorney and a mother of a girl that was sick after the HPV vaccine. She became a central figure in the legal battles around the issue in Columbia. She vowed to fight for her daughter Alejandra, and the other girls like her, to get her help. She took... Continue Reading →

Quack Myth: The SIDS and Vaccine Connection

In the anti-vaxxer community, there is a belief that there is a connection between Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and vaccines. Babies receive multiple vaccines when they are between 2 and 4 months old. This is the age range that is most common for SIDS. This has led people to believe the two are related.... Continue Reading →

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