Don't Mourn For Us by Jim Sinclair

[This article was published in the Autism Network International newsletter, Our Voice, Volume 1, Number 3, 1993. It is an outline of the presentation Jim gave at the 1993 International Conference on Autism in Toronto, and is addressed primarily to parents.]  Parents often report that learning their child is autistic was the most traumatic thing that... Continue Reading →

Autistic History: Aspies For Freedom

Aspies For Freedom (AFF) was a activist group that aimed to raise public awareness of the autistic rights movement that was founded in November 2004 by Amy and Gwen Nelson. Gwen Nelson made parodies of Autism Speaks. In these parodies they stated that Autism Speaks silences autistic people, which is true. The usage of the infinity symbol... Continue Reading →

A Draft of the Declaration of the Autism Community

Members of the autism community, comprising those with conditions on the autism spectrum, such as autism and asperger’s, are hereby declaring that we are a minority group and wish to be accorded the legal protection and freedom from discrimination that is shown to other minority groups. We recognise ourselves as a minority group based on... Continue Reading →

Autistic History: Autistic Pride Day

Autistic Pride Day was established by the advocacy organization Apies for Freedom (AFF) in 2005 to raise public acceptance and celebrate autistic people and their identity. Autistic Pride Day was inspired by the LGBTQ pride events during June. This helped drive positive societal changes for autistic people.  "Autistic Pride Day is on 18th June each... Continue Reading →

Autistic History: Hans Asperger

Background Johann Friedrick Karl Asperger (1906-1980) was born on February 18, 1906 in Hausbrunn,Vienna, Austria on a farm near Vienna. He was the oldest of three sons. Parents were Sophie and Johann Asperger.  Hans parents were raised on a farm but Hans and his brothers were raised in the city of Vienna. His younger brother Karl... Continue Reading →

Autistic History: Jim Sinclair

Jim is in the purple   Jim Sinclair is an autistic professional who worked with autistic people. Xe was born in December of 1961. Jim did not start speaking until xe was 12.   Gender Identity When Jim started speaking, they were very outspoken about not being a girl. Soon after, xyr were sent for intensive... Continue Reading →

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