Problematic Autistic: Elon Musk

Just recently, Elon Musk was on Saturday Night Live and he revealed that he is autistic. Actually he said he had Asperger's syndrome. He claimed he was the first person with AS to host SNL, which the entire world knows that is not true. He had been trying to develop a brain implant to try... Continue Reading →

Problematic Professional: Tania Marshall

Tania Marshall is a psychologist in Australia who has practiced for more than 20 years. She has worked with children, teens and adults who are autistic. Tania earned her Bachelor of arts in Psychology and her Masters of Science in Psychology at the University of Calgary.  Marshall has has been working in private practice. She... Continue Reading →

Quackery Exposed: Nordic Cuddle Therapy

How Cuddle Therapy Caught My Attention This morning I received this message: I’m reaching out from Nordic Cuddle, a cuddle therapy company and training provider. Nordic Cuddle has developed a brand new dual-accredited cuddle therapy course with leading touch researchers and medical experts, including the autism expert, Dr. Liliya T.B Wheatcraft, MD, MSc (Cantab), DCH,... Continue Reading →

Interview with Aut-ish on Discourse, Pseudoscience and Scouting Accessibility notice and Intro Music – 00:00-00:25 For more accessibility, feel free to read the transcript as you listen. Available at: Onikage Hello, and welcome to the Aut-Ish podcast. My name is Onikage. And this Autism podcast, like my blog provides various autistic content. I am autistic myself and I want to promote acceptance,... Continue Reading →

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