Quack Exposed: Josep Pàmies

*Personal note: I heard of him when I reported a child being abused with bleach who was in Madrid, Spain* Josep Pàmies is a farmer from Catalonia. He was born in 1948. He currently lives in Balaguer, La Noguera. He comes from a family of peasant farmers. The land is on the banks of the... Continue Reading →

Quack Exposed: Dianne Jacobs Thompson

Dianne Jacobs Thompson was a substitute teacher at Sunny Side School District in Washington state. When she wasn't teaching, she was promoting MMS use on children. This was in a secret group on Facebook called Autism Through Their Eyes. Who would want someone like this teaching children, even as a substitute? Dear @sunnysidesd you have... Continue Reading →

Quack Exposed: Bob "The Plumber" Sisson

Bob Sisson is from Sevierville, Tennessee which is right outside of Knoxville. He works closely with Kerri Rivera, the Grenon and Allan Keyes in promoting the MMS bleach. He was born on December 15, 1949 and "born again" in 1987. This happened when reading the Bible and he was fascinated that living G-d would save... Continue Reading →

Quack Exposed: Kerri Rivera

Kerri Rivera, or as the autistic community knows her the bleach queen, is a real estate agent from Chicago, Illinois. She has two sons, Alex and Patrick. After her son Patrick was diagnosed with autism in 2004,  she followed Dr. Rimland with the Defeat Autism Now protocol. This includes many biomedical interventions that are considered... Continue Reading →

Bleacher Exposed: Elizabeth Lamboy-Wilson

Many people know Elizabeth Lamboy-Wilson is most well known for playing the Hispanic mother in law in Dhar Mann videos that go viral on social media. They are inspiration porn but this blog isn't about his videos, directly. He says he stands for morality but has an immoral actor working for him. I hope he... Continue Reading →

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