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Problematic Professionals: Varun Warrier

Varun Warrier is a post doctoral researcher who is the director of genetics research of the Autism Research Centre in the UK. He also is part of the psychiatry department at the University of Cambridge. He studies the genetics of autism, human behavior and human neurobiology. Education Warrier completed his PhD at the Autism Research… Continue reading Problematic Professionals: Varun Warrier

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Disability History: Helen Keller

Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880 in Tuscubia, Alabama. She became DeafBlind after a fever caused by meningitis at 19 months old. Her teacher, Anne Sullivan taught her how to communicate with ASL, lipreading and Braille.  This is not to say that she wasn't able to do anything before being taught by Ms.… Continue reading Disability History: Helen Keller

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The Effects of Eugenics is Being Felt in Doctors Offices, Even Now

Many think eugenics is a thing of the past. It was not left to die when the Nazi party fell or when the autism DNA project had clapback. It is especially evident when the genetic test for Down's syndrome was made widely available. Now there is a test to see if your fetus has Down's… Continue reading The Effects of Eugenics is Being Felt in Doctors Offices, Even Now