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Problematic Organization: Children’s Health Defense

Children's Health Defense is a non profit organization that promotes anti vaccine propaganda and its one of the main sources of vaccine misinformation. It was originally founded under the name World Mercury Project in 2011. The group is chaired by Robert F Kennedy, Jr. The name was changed to Children's Health Defense in 2018. It… Continue reading Problematic Organization: Children’s Health Defense

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Quackery Myth Exposed: Fluoride

Fluoride is a natural occurring substance. It is found in soil, water and foods. It is also produced synthetically to add in drinking waters, toothpaste, mouthwashes and other products. Water departments add it to municipal water supply because studies have shown that adding it can reduce the occurrence of tooth decay in the local population. … Continue reading Quackery Myth Exposed: Fluoride

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Quack Exposed: Paul Connett

  Paul Connett is a British anti-water fluoridation activist. He is the executive director of Flouride Action Network (FAN), located in Binghampton, New York. It is one of the largest organizations that oppose water fluoridation in the world. Connett started activism in 1968. He volunteered for Eugen McCarthy's presidential campaign. He met Allard Loweenstien there.… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Paul Connett