Quackery Exposed: Functional Medicine

  Functional medicine is a form of alternative medicine (sometimes called integrative medicine) that includes a large number of unproven and disproven methods and treatments of different diseases, illnesses and disabilities. They claim that they focus on the "root causes" of different conditions based on interactions between the environment and the gastrointestinal, endocrine, and immune … Continue reading Quackery Exposed: Functional Medicine

Quack Exposed: Geri Brewster RD, MPH, CDN, PC

  Geri Brewster is a nutritionist and private practice owner in Mt. Cisco, NY. She founded her practice in 1991. She has grown it to a 2000+ patient practice. She provides nutrition counseling to people of all ages. She has patients from all sources. She also practices reiki.  She even accepts self-referred patients. She believes … Continue reading Quack Exposed: Geri Brewster RD, MPH, CDN, PC