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Quack Exposed: Roger Blake

Roger Blake is from Auckland, New Zealand. He is the President of New Zealand Shipping Company Association. He is also a Director of Water Purifier LTD. Blake attended the Gilbert School in Colchester in England. He studied English, Math, Physics, and Geography. He was in Football and Cricket. Blake describes himself as a bishop of… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Roger Blake

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2020 in Review

Everyone can agree 2020 was a year that no one will ever forget. Soon after it started, COVID hit. After the lack of response from the United States government, it changed our way of life in a big way. Many people lost their lives while the Doctors, nurses, grocery clerks and other essential workers were… Continue reading 2020 in Review

MMS Quacks, Quacks

Quack Exposed: Andreas Kalcker

Who is Andreas Kalcker? Andreas Kalcker is a "German biophysicist who lived in Switzerland who has been researching for more than 13 years with chlorine dioxide for therapeutic use." In German speaking countries, Kalcker is one of the most well known promoters of MMS. He promotes it as a health cure. He follows Jim Humble,… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Andreas Kalcker