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The November Progorm, Kristallnact, The Night of Broken Glass

The November Progrom, Kristallnact or the night of broken glass took place on November 9-10, 1938. This was a violent anti Jewish demonstration that took place across Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic).  Nazis justified these riots as the reaction to the assassination of the German official Ernst vom Rath. He was killed… Continue reading The November Progorm, Kristallnact, The Night of Broken Glass

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Problematic Autistic: Elon Musk

Just recently, Elon Musk was on Saturday Night Live and he revealed that he is autistic. Actually he said he had Asperger's syndrome. He claimed he was the first person with AS to host SNL, which the entire world knows that is not true. He had been trying to develop a brain implant to try… Continue reading Problematic Autistic: Elon Musk

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Quack Exposed: Nathan Riddett

Nathan Riddett grew up and lived as an adult in Bursledon, England, UK. He attended local schools as a child and earned a scholarship at King Edward VI senior school. He has a background in Estate Agency and Lettings since he was 19.  He is an advocate of hemp, entheogens, holistic health, truth and freedom.… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Nathan Riddett

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Autistic History: Hans Asperger

Background Johann Friedrick Karl Asperger (1906-1980) was born on February 18, 1906 in Hausbrunn,Vienna, Austria on a farm near Vienna. He was the oldest of three sons. Parents were Sophie and Johann Asperger.  Hans parents were raised on a farm but Hans and his brothers were raised in the city of Vienna. His younger brother Karl… Continue reading Autistic History: Hans Asperger

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The Ableist and Racist/Anti-semitic Act of Co-opting Logos

Often in history, there are symbols that have a specific meaning. It can be especially sacred to an ethnic group or considered a hate symbol to another. Quite often, these symbols are co-opted by another group, used within white supremacy. It is racist and in some cases, ableist. Black Lives Matter Logo was Co-opted by… Continue reading The Ableist and Racist/Anti-semitic Act of Co-opting Logos

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Twitter Paints the Star of David to be Hateful Imagery

Imagine being proud of your identity. Imagine the symbol of that very identity being labeled as "hateful imagery." This very thing happened to Jewish Twitter account holders who used the מגן דוד Star of David as a profile picture. Their accounts were locked. "We have determined that this account violated the Twitter Rules. Specifically for:… Continue reading Twitter Paints the Star of David to be Hateful Imagery

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Anti Semitism in 2020

During most problems in society, the Jewish people are usually to blame by white supremacy. This is especially true now. There is no doubt that now is a racially tense time. This is the time for different minorities to band together. The Jewish community has been standing for the Black community as soon as the… Continue reading Anti Semitism in 2020