Bleacher Exposed: Elizabeth Lamboy-Wilson

Many people know Elizabeth Lamboy-Wilson is most well known for playing the Hispanic mother in law in Dhar Mann videos that go viral on social media. They are inspiration porn but this blog isn't about his videos, directly. He says he stands for morality but has an immoral actor working for him. I hope he… Continue reading Bleacher Exposed: Elizabeth Lamboy-Wilson

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Quack Exposed: Norma Erickson

Norma Erickson is a freelance writer and an independent business consultant. She is not a medical professional. She has been an anti-HPV vaccine activist for over 10 years. She has published many articles. She says she advocates for informed choice and medical consumer protection. In 2010, Erickson established SaneVax, Inc. This was a "direct response… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Norma Erickson

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Quackery Myth: Safety of HPV Vaccine

Myths: HPV Vaccine is not safe. Fact: The HPV vaccine is safe and doesn't contribute to any serious health issues. Any vaccine or medication can cause mild reactions. The most common is pain or redness at the injection site. Other typical side effects are : 1. low-grade fever 2. headache or feeling tired 3. nausea… Continue reading Quackery Myth: Safety of HPV Vaccine

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Quack Exposed: Monica Leon del Rio

Monica Leon del Rio is a  Colombian attorney and a mother of a girl that was sick after the HPV vaccine. She became a central figure in the legal battles around the issue in Columbia. She vowed to fight for her daughter Alejandra, and the other girls like her, to get her help. She took… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Monica Leon del Rio