Bogus Study: An Investigation of the Diet, Exercise, Sleep, BMI, and Health Outcomes of Autistic Adults

There was a study published on May 8, 2021 in the Journal Molecular Autism by Simon Baron-Cohen, Carrie Allison, Ken K. Ong and Elizabeth Weir. These names should sound familiar because they are also running Spectrum 10k. This study they are basing the understanding that some autistic children have restrictive eating, reduced physical activity and … Continue reading Bogus Study: An Investigation of the Diet, Exercise, Sleep, BMI, and Health Outcomes of Autistic Adults

Problematic Professionals: Carrie Allison

Dr. Carrie Allison is the Director of Research Strategy at Autism Research Centre. She contributes to ARC's strategy and development and provides support to the Director, staff and students. Dr. Allison has a degree in Psychology from Durham University and earned her PhD and post doctorate at ARC in collaboration with the Institute of Public … Continue reading Problematic Professionals: Carrie Allison

Bogus Study: Spectrum 10k

Notice how the same graphic is used for this studyas Spark for Autism. It's literally the same idea. Spectrum 10k is yet another DNA collection of autistic DNA. This time its being brought out by the Autism Research Center.  University of Cambridge (David Rowitch), Autism Research Centre (Simon Baron-Cohen, Carrie Allison, Varun Warrier, Isabelle Garvey, Armandina … Continue reading Bogus Study: Spectrum 10k

Problematic Professional: Professor Sir Simon Baron-Cohen

Simon Baron-Cohen is a cognitive neuroscientist and is a professor at Psychology and Psychiatry departments at the University of Cambridge and Fellow at Trinity College in Cambridge. He is the director of the Autism Research Center (ARC) in Cambridge, UK. Baron-Cohen was born on August 15, 1958. He married Bridget Lindley, who was a family … Continue reading Problematic Professional: Professor Sir Simon Baron-Cohen

Autistic Cooccurring Trait: Polycystic Ovaries

The autistic community has a high prevalence of Polycystic Ovaries. There are studies that correlate the high testosterone causing autism but that does not make sense. There is no concrete scientific data backing that up. According to Molecular Psychiatry, autistic people with uteruses are 1.78 times more likely to have PCO than neurotypical peers.  Polycystic … Continue reading Autistic Cooccurring Trait: Polycystic Ovaries