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Quack Exposed: Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical/ Pharmaceuticals

Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical Incorporation was founded in 2016 by Huu Tieu who is 58 years old. They claim their products were in development for 30 years. They produce "alternative herbal(botanical)" products by creating "gene rejuvenation. " The Conditions Golden Sunrise Nutraceuticals Claim to Treat Alzheimers disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Autism  autoimmune disorders (which ones? All… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical/ Pharmaceuticals

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Quackery Exposed: Brillia

Brillia is a homeopathic remedy that is being marketed to autistic and ADHD children. They say its been available for almost 10 years with great success and history supporting its efficacy and safety. What they do not mention is that they have dangerous side effects proven in an independent study. Because it is considered a… Continue reading Quackery Exposed: Brillia

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Quackery Exposed: MaryRuth Organics

  How I Came in Contact with the Quack I was emailed by a promotion company to promote MaryRuth Organics on Instagram. They really should have known better. They should know by my posts I am against all this: Hi Amanda,   We love your IG profile fierceautistic and would like to invite you to collaborate… Continue reading Quackery Exposed: MaryRuth Organics