Quack Myth: Autism is a Brain Injury

A very common myth, not just around quacks, is that autism is a traumatic brain injury or TBI for short. Autism and TBI can have similar signs and both disabilities are developmental disabilities but a TBI is the only developmental disability that can be acquired later in life. All other developmental disabilities originate before and... Continue Reading →

Bogus Study: Consumption of Breast Milk is Associated with Decreased Prevalence of Autism in Fragile X Syndrome

Breastfeeding is nutritionally better for babies, it has been proven but breastfeeding is not always possible. There is nothing wrong with formula per se, but it cannot be the same as breastmilk. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusively breastfeeding in the first 6 months of life and continued breastfeeding with the introduction of complementary... Continue Reading →

Quack Exposed: Erin Elizabeth Finn

Erin Elizabeth Finn is a self proclaimed "health nut" from Florida. She is one of the "disinformation dozen" who are responsible for spreading 65% of all anti vax content on Facebook  She has her blog Health Nut News has been deplatformed from Facebook and Instagram. She lost all her Facebook groups, pages and her personal profile.... Continue Reading →

Quack Myth Exposed: Autism is Autoimmune Encephilitis

A long time Autism One speaker Marcia Hinds says that autism should never be a term. She claims it should be included with autoimmune encephalitis. Autoimmune encephalitis is a real disease. Hinds claiming this trivializes what the people with this autoimmune disease go through every day. Autoimmune Encephalitis Autoimmune encephalitis is a group of conditions... Continue Reading →

Quack Exposed: Richard Deth

Richard Deth started working for Nova Southeastern University in September of 2014. Deth is a professor in pharmacology. He earned his bachelor's in Pharmacology at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He earned his Ph.D. in Pharmacology in Miami, Florida. He is not a clinician and is not authorized to give medical advice.... Continue Reading →

Quackery Myth: Safety of HPV Vaccine

Myths: HPV Vaccine is not safe. Fact: The HPV vaccine is safe and doesn't contribute to any serious health issues. Any vaccine or medication can cause mild reactions. The most common is pain or redness at the injection site. Other typical side effects are : 1. low-grade fever 2. headache or feeling tired 3. nausea... Continue Reading →

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