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Quack Exposed: Dan Rossignol

  Dr. Dan Rossignol is married and has two children. Both children are autistic. One Child was born in 2001 and the other was born in 2003. Soon after both sons were diagnosed, their mother, Lanier,  was searching treatments for autism. She reportedly was talking to other parents of autistic children. She as told about… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Dan Rossignol


Quackery Exposed: Avamcol

Avmacol is a supplement made by Nutramax Laboratories Consumer Care, inc. Nutramax . Avmacol is promoted as a supplement that promotes the production of sulforaphane. Nutramax partnered with Autism Hope Alliance in a campaign to promote Avmacol Extra Strength. AHA promotes it as a substance that helps with detoxification. AHA believes that toxins cause autism.… Continue reading Quackery Exposed: Avamcol

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Quackery Exposed: Methyl-B12 Injections

What is Methyl-B12 Methylcobalamin or Methyl B12, is a form of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is important for the brain and nerves, and for production of red blood cells. It is used to treat a vitamin B 12 deficiency. Methyl B12 is sometimes used in people with pernicious anemia, diabetic neuropathy and other health problems. … Continue reading Quackery Exposed: Methyl-B12 Injections

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Quack Diet: Specific Carbohydrate Diet

What is the Specific Carbohydrate Diet? According to Sanford University, the specific carbohydrate diet is a nutritional therapy in pediatric Crohn's disease. It is a well established and effective treatment to induce remission of active inflammation. SCD was developed from the work of Dr. Sydney Haas, a biologist an scientist who helped her daughter with… Continue reading Quack Diet: Specific Carbohydrate Diet


Quackery Exposed: Functional Medicine

  Functional medicine is a form of alternative medicine (sometimes called integrative medicine) that includes a large number of unproven and disproven methods and treatments of different diseases, illnesses and disabilities. They claim that they focus on the "root causes" of different conditions based on interactions between the environment and the gastrointestinal, endocrine, and immune… Continue reading Quackery Exposed: Functional Medicine

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Quack Myth Exposed: Candida and Autism

  What is Candida? According to the CDC, candida is a common yeast, a type of fungus, that normally lives on the skin and inside the body. It can be found in the mouth, throat, gut and vagina without causing any problems.   It can cause infections, called candiasis,  if it grows out of control… Continue reading Quack Myth Exposed: Candida and Autism

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Quackery Exposed: TACA supported Low-dose suramin in autism spectrum disorder: a small, phase I/II, randomized clinical trial

  On March 11, I was messaged about participating and promoting a study to "improve autism."I got defensive and told her she was ableist. Here is the original message: Hi, I have a favor to ask. I’m trying to help a friend that is involved with getting participants for a study trying to predict autism,… Continue reading Quackery Exposed: TACA supported Low-dose suramin in autism spectrum disorder: a small, phase I/II, randomized clinical trial