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Quack Exposed: Gayle DeLong

Gayle DeLong is a parent to two autistic girls. She was born in 1958. In May 2005, she stared to use biomedical quack cures to try to cure autism. They have done supplements, chelation, restrictive quack diets, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. DeLong earned her Ph. D in international business and finance from New York University.… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Gayle DeLong

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Quack Exposed: Nathan Riddett

Nathan Riddett grew up and lived as an adult in Bursledon, England, UK. He attended local schools as a child and earned a scholarship at King Edward VI senior school. He has a background in Estate Agency and Lettings since he was 19.  He is an advocate of hemp, entheogens, holistic health, truth and freedom.… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Nathan Riddett

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Quack Exposed: Rashid Buttar

Dr. Rashid Buttar is an American Osteopathic doctor. He is Pakistani by ancestry. Buttar was born on January 20, 1966 in England. He is married to Debbie Buttar. Buttar earned his undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis with a double major in biology and theology.  He attended graduate school and  graduated from the… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Rashid Buttar

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Bogus Study: The Relationship Between the Level of Copper, Lead, Mercury and Autism Disorders: A Meta-Analysis

The myth of copper, lead, and mercury being related to autism has been long since debunked. It comes from the anti vaccination movement.  A meta analysis, an examination of data from a number of independent studies on the same subject in order to determine a result, was performed by Jafari Mohammadabadi, Sayehmiri and Rafiei. They… Continue reading Bogus Study: The Relationship Between the Level of Copper, Lead, Mercury and Autism Disorders: A Meta-Analysis

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Quack Exposed: Dan Rossignol

  Dr. Dan Rossignol is married and has two children. Both children are autistic. One Child was born in 2001 and the other was born in 2003. Soon after both sons were diagnosed, their mother, Lanier,  was searching treatments for autism. She reportedly was talking to other parents of autistic children. She as told about… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Dan Rossignol

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Quackery Exposed: CEASE Therapy

CEASE therapy stands for Complete Elimination of Autistic Expression. Its advertised as a method that can rid children of "toxic imprint" from vaccines and other substances. Naturopaths believe this causes autism. The actual therapy includes supplements like vitamin C or Zinc (orthomolecular support). The children subjected to CEASE therapy are given over 200 times more… Continue reading Quackery Exposed: CEASE Therapy

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Quack Exposed: Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy is a prominent voice in the anti vaccine movement. She an actress and celebrity who started off as a playboy bunny. She was born on November 1, 1972 in Chicago, IL. She gained her fame on a 1990's MTV dating show called "Singled Out." She has since appeared on "Just Shoot Me!" and… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Jenny McCarthy

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Quackery Exposed: Toxin Removal System (TRS)

Toxic Removal System (TRS) is a spray form of chelation that is marketed to an array of medical issues and conditions. People are under the impression that since it is readily available, it is safer. This could not be further from the truth. . One google search and it will come up with thousands of… Continue reading Quackery Exposed: Toxin Removal System (TRS)

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Quack Exposed: Norma Erickson

Norma Erickson is a freelance writer and an independent business consultant. She is not a medical professional. She has been an anti-HPV vaccine activist for over 10 years. She has published many articles. She says she advocates for informed choice and medical consumer protection. In 2010, Erickson established SaneVax, Inc. This was a "direct response… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Norma Erickson

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Quack Exposed: Dr. Michael W. Elice

Dr. Michael Elice is a board-certified pediatrician who claims to treat autistic people, mitochondrial disorders, PANDAS, immune and metabolic dysregulation. This treatment is based on the theory that autism and related conditions are complex neurodevelopmental disorders with genetic, biochemical and immunological origins. This makes them to be autoimmune disorders. Autism is not an autoimmune disease.… Continue reading Quack Exposed: Dr. Michael W. Elice