Quackery Myth: Heavy Metal Poisoning Causes Autism

In the name of greed, ambulance chasers feed on public panic. These so called lawyers. They ran with this myth and a recent baby food recall to make money off desperate parents who want something to blame for their child being autistic

This myth is that heavy metal poisoning is or causes autism. Heavy metal poisoning is a real medical problem but the anti-vaxxers and grifters perpetuate this myth to further their agenda to say that vaccines cause autism.

The Baby Food Recall

The FDA monitors food for toxic chemicals like heavy metals and other substances consistently. In 2019, the FDA found lead, arsenic, cadiumum and mercury in popular brands of baby food. According to the FDA’s study report, almost 1/3 (32%) of the baby food tested were effected. The highest level of lead was found in the sweet potato baby food and teething biscuits. Arsenic was found in crisped rice, baby food rice cereal, puff snacks, white rice and baby food mixed with cereal.

Due to this discovery, there was a large baby food recall in 2019.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, these metals can negatively effect a baby’s brain development and are month the most common metals that get into food.

How Does the Baby Food Recall Relate to Anti-vaxxers and Money Hungry Lawyers?

There is a common anti-vaxxer myth that there are heavy metals in vaccines. Due to this recall, there are advertisements urging parents to sue the baby food manufacturers if their child is autistic and they ate baby food.

There is Empirical Evidence Disproving This Myth

As antivaxxers spread this myth, lead by Andrew Wakefield and Bernard Rimland, the FDA conducted in depth research to make sure there was no truth to it.

There was a study conducted in 2012 that tested the association between autism and four heavy metal regulatory genes. They tested an unproven theory that there is a genetic susceptibility to high mercury body burden in autistic people.

The researchers hypothesized that exposure to safe mercury levels could be implicated in autism if there is a genetic susceptibility altered mercury’s metabolism.

In this study they screened the genetic sequences in four key genes involved in the mercury response and transport variation and any association with autism.

The participants were between the ages of 4 and 22 years old with an IQ above 35. Samples were collected before 2001. This was the year thirmerosol was removed from all vaccines in the US market due to public panic.

All participants were evaluated using the Autism Diagnostic Interview Revised and Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule to screen those who were autistic and those who weren’t. They were also evaluated using the Childhood Autism Rating Scale, the Repetitive Behavior Scale, the Aberrant Behavior Checklist and the Social Responsiveness Scale. All the participants were white.

The researchers identified 75 variants in the genes. Their analysis failed to show association with autism for any variant. The researchers stand by the fact that unfounded theories on the role of thimerosal in autism and “related disorders” are in fact myths. The researchers also stated they hoped that this study would help dispel some myths.

What is Heavy Metal Poisoning?

Heavy metal poisoning is when someone has excessive exposure to a heavy metal and it effects the normal function of the body. Some examples of these metals are arsenic, lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, and zinc.

Exposure can happen though diet, medication, environment, or during daily life. These metals can enter the body through the skin, by inhalation and ingestion. Toxicity can result from sudden, severe exposure or from chronic exposure over time.

Symptoms of Heavy Metal Toxicity

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • abdominal pain
  • Organ damage
  • increased risk of cancer
  • confusion
  • feelings of numb
  • fainting
  • deydration
  • tingling
  • anemia
  • memory loss
  • horizontal lines on nails
  • behavioral changes
  • weak or malformed bones
  • miscarriage or premature labor
  • headache
  • achy joints or muscles

Diagnosis of Heavy Metal Poisoning

  • CBC (complete blood count)
  • kidney function tests
  • liver function tests
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • electrocardiogram (EKG)

If you think you have heavy metal poisoning, see a doctor ASAP.

This is another example of lawyers just looking for the next money grab and not caring who they harm in the process.






One thought on “Quackery Myth: Heavy Metal Poisoning Causes Autism

  1. Very comprehensive body/battery of evaluations [can’t find too many gaps there – at least the ones we knew about in 2012]

    and also the 75 variations which were found – NONE connected to any variant of autism.

    It does still leave open that people with IQs <35 were probably affected or exacerbated [by heavy metal poisoning].

    Yes – see a DOCTOR not a LAWYER [or indeed a paralegal – who I think are the ones who deal with this sort of thing].

    Your industrial and organisational areas of law are probably wasting their time.

    A lot of heavy metal poisoning correlates with other factors – at least the individual symptoms.

    You did say "all the participants were white".

    And legalists do like to look at the things that we eat and otherwise consume.

    So many recalls from consumer groups.

    [PS: Bubs – baby formula – are increasing their market share in China and the USA. They are originally an Australian company with this international reach].

    And Thoughtful House and the Autism Research Centre/Global Autism Initiative [and the Young Leaders subset of the last lot – which I knew about in 2010-13; because some bloggers I knew were in it – CR and LW – also Sondra Williams].

    PS: Arsenic was mentioned twice.

    [Asbestos – have you looked at any studies regarding that chemical, Aviva? Or more generally what is in people's houses and apartments and living spaces?]

    [Will comb for my latest question FIERCE AUTIES further].

    So the 2012 study was about these regulatory genes which are supposed to minimise or process heavy metals.

    I would go and find out about the different effects of SUDDEN AND SEVERE EXPOSURE at one time; and the chronic exposure [minima: pregnancy and perinatal/postnatal 4 weeks-9 months and another point 6 months-18 months when brains are growing "faster" and "bigger"].


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