Predator: Moses Cassian or Mike Geodfery

This person, I don’t even think this is what his real name is, has been targeting commentators on autistic-led pages.

The URL to both profiles are :

This person messaged a friend of mine under this account:

He proceeded to talk to this friend when they commented on the page Autistic Grandma:

Transcript of conversation:

Friend: I’m ok, how are you
Predator: I’m well thank you
Predator: You have a beautiful smile i
must confess. Where are you
Friend: United States
Friend: Where are you from?

friend: I don’t usually accept friend
requests until | have gotten
to know someone. Tell me
about vou.
Predator: Sure, okay. I’m Moses
Cassian. I was born and
raised in Idaho but working
as a supervisor Italy now. I
have been here almost two
years now
Yeahave a very
beautiful name
Friend: Cool, what do you do
in Italy?
Predator: I was given two years
contract here. I’m an

Friend: I see you have a daughter,
are you married?
Predator: Was married but i had a
divorce with her
Friend: I’m sorry
Friend: What led you to my profile
and sending me a request?
Friend: I live in Florida
Predator: I was looking for an old friend
of mine, her name is also
Florida is a beautiful place

Predator: Hope we can be friends if
you don’t mind?
Friend: Only after we get to know
each other
Predator: Tell me more about you
Predator:I love the beach, it’s one of
my favorite place and red is
my favorite. I love singing but
i can’t sing @, dancing also
but i can’t dance that much
only my daughter can. She’s
a good dancer, i admire her
dancing talent so much
I’m 55

Predator: Yeah, i’m aware of that
thanks. You’re more like an
Friend: Yeah
PredatorI saw it all in your looks and
you look more pretty as an
introvert. Have you ever been
in a relationship since your
husband died?
Friend: A few but never the right one
to settle
Predator: Same here but also not the
right one

Predator: You have never had online
Friend: Yes I have had those
I like to know upfront what a
person wants
No since wasting time if our
wants aren’t the same
Predator: Oh, i had one too but she
wasn’t sure of what she’s
into. We talked about two
months but still she still don’t
know what she want so i
have to cut it off. What was
your experience with the
one’s you dated online?
Friend: The same

Predator: Same experience.
Friend: What are you wanting from a
Predator: Good communication with
my partner, honesty,
love,care, and togetherness
Friend: Are you looking to have a
relationship with me?
Predator: No,i just want us to
be friends
Why did you ask?
Friend: Because I want to know why
you are messaging and what
it is you are looking for

Predator: I just want us to be
friends okay?
Good friends if you
don’t mind
Friend: I don’t like dishonesty and I
don’t trust if someone isn’t

Predator: Frésh replied to you
I don’t like dishonesty
and I don’t trust if
someone isn’t honest
Same here

Predator: So tell me what do you really
want from your partner ?
What kind of man do
you want ?
What are your expectations
from your partner
Sorry for too much questions
Friend: I don’t know you and you
have made complements
about my appearance. You
want to get to know me but
not for relationship potential
that seems dishonest
Why do you want to know
what I want from a man if
you aren’t looking to fulfill

Predator: Look Melissa, i’m not the
same with other men, i myth
compliment on your beauty
because you’re beautiful and
it’s obvious. So i compliment
doesn’t mean i want
relationship okay?

Predator: Frésh replied to vou
Why do you want to know
what I want from a man if
you aren’t looking to fulf
Because it’s getting to know
each other. I want to know
Friend: Ok well don’t ask creepy
questions about what I want

Friend: A male friend doesn’t ask a
female they just met what
she desires in a man
Why would you want to
know what I seek out in
potential partners?

Predator: Frésh replied to you
A male friend doesn’t ask
a female they just met
what she desires in a man
I get your point of view okay
but trust me i had nothing in
mind like having a
relationship with you

Friend: What does that have to do
with being someone’s friend
What do you gain by
knowing what I like in a man
How would it make your
daughter feel to have a man
messaging her intrusive
questions about her desires?
Predator: Sorry for asking, i wanted to
know you, all about you.
I want to know just to be
good friend with you okay?
Melissa, calm down okay?
sorry for asking
Friend: A good friend doesn’t do this

Predator: Fine, i learned my lesson. I
just want to know you and
share ideas with you
because you look very smart
Friend: Smart is not a look
Smart is recognizing when
someone is being a predator,
doing creepy shit, and calling
them out for it.
Predator: Okay Melissa can i ask you

Predator: Do you see a man tor the
first time and with few
conversation and next you
ask him if he wants to have a
relationship with you ? You
also asked me what are my
wants in a relationship
Friend: You asked first
So tell me what dose
that means?
You asked if I was married
complimented my
appearance over and over,
asked me about my desires
with men?
What does that have to do
with friendship?

Friend: What you are doing
is grooming
Its predatory behavior and it
is wrong
Predator: You asked first if i was
married remember ?
Melissa, for example i can
see you on the road and
compliment your beauty
because you’re beautiful but
that doesn’t mean i want a
relationship with you okay?
this is me.
Friend: You going to answer
my questions?
What purpose do your
questions serve?

Predator: What question in particular?
Friend: Asking my desires in a man?
Do you ask your male
friends that?

Predator: Frésh replied to you
Asking my desires in
a man?
Knowing you and not going
the wrong way.

Predator: Well no but in terms of two
other gender i think it’s not
bad to ask?
Friend: So you wanted to know
about me and what I like in
men from my partners so
you wouldn’t go the wrong
Do you ask your male friends
that? Why would you need to
know about their romantic
relationships to be their
friend. What wrong way
would you go with them?

Predator: No, i think we both are
looking at it in a different
At same time you look a
little upset
Even if i want a relationshin
with vou i can’t just sav it
okay? I myth be lying if i say
i want a relationship with
you, what if am still the
wrong person?
Right now i don’t want any
relationship i just want us to
be friends and sorry for
asking those questions

Friend: So you just randomly hand
picked me on my
appearance, thought you
would come in my DM get to
know ME by what I like in
romantic relationships.
Groom me for details of what
not to do to keep me talking
to you, while claiming you
want to be a good friend to a
stranger on the internet
While hoping I would fall for
it so you could do whatever it
is your after. But your Fresh
Boy plan is old news to me.
You should be sorry and you
should stop doing this.

After this message, he asked about their child. He found an old photo they thought they hid from public view.

After they blocked this account, they used a different account to try to intimidate them by reacting to as many posts as possible.

they messaged from that different account:

Predator: HI

Today he changed all his photos on that account to match the first one.

This person is dangerous and block both accounts. We believe that he was using Autistic Grandma. The owner of that page blocked both accounts and is horrified.

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