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Quack Exposed: Kerri Rivera

Kerri Rivera, or as the autistic community knows her the bleach queen, is a real estate agent from Chicago, Illinois. She has two sons, Alex and Patrick. After her son Patrick was diagnosed with autism in 2004,  she followed Dr. Rimland with the Defeat Autism Now protocol. This includes many biomedical interventions that are considered to be quackery, such as IV chelation, hyperbaric oxygen and neurofeedback.  She said he was a “non responder” and she was very disappointed.

In 2006, Rivera met with Bernard Rimland, the founder of DAN and Autism Research Institute in San Diego. Rimland gave Rivera permission to translate his protocol from English to Spanish.

Being inspired by Bernard Rimland, she became a Rescue Angel for Jenny McCarthy’s organization called Generation Rescue. She was also a mentor for TACA.

Soon after this, she tried MMS or chlorine dioxide on herself and her son. Jim Humble, the cofounder of the Genesis 2 church of health and healing, claims to have discovered it during a gold minding expedition. He said it cured it him and his crew of malaria.  She claims that the “veil of autism was lifted and he began speaking in ways he hadn’t for years.”

There is no scientific evidence to back up any claims that MMS works at all. There have never been no clinical trials and neither Rivera or Humble have cited any studies to prove their claims.

She then went to the Los Angeles school of Homeopathy from 2010 to 2013. She earned her certificate in D. Hom. She took that as being an MD, which is not the same thing.

Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism

In 2013, Kerri Rivera wrote the book “Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism.” This is a how to guide on how to poison an autistic child with bleach. The introductory chapter is written by Jim Humble, the founder of the Genesis II church of Health and Healing. Her sister, Kimberly McDaniel, who is a journalist in Mexico, helped her write the book as well.

“Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism” was banned on Amazon in 2019 due to the work of autistic activists and Brandy Zondrosky with NBC News.This book is dangerous. It was translated in to 7 different languages. The book is now only available on her website so it is not as wide spread.

Soon after the ban, Kerri Rivera had a “troll watch” page. It lists several very effective autistic and autistic ally activists fighting for autistic rights. Copy of Rivera’s “Troll Watch” on my site to not give her hits.

Social Media Popularity

When her book gained popularity, Rivera started Facebook support groups. These groups were in several different language. English (7k members), Spanish, Arabic (10k members), Turkish (12k members) and Portuguese. These groups were banned shortly after MMS was in the media and Facebook felt the pressure of letting this go on.

She then moved to Mewe. From there she settled in on Telegram. She has a paid and free Telegram MMS group. She has a group in Spanish as well. The Spanish group has been taken down several times but always reopens. Telegram is an encrypted app where the company does not like to take down any content and has been favored by terrorists and criminals because they claim free speech. This free speech comes at a cost.

Recently, Rivera has written a book called Alternative First Aid Reference Guide. It can only be found on her website as she has been banned in major book retail websites, thankfully.


Kerri Rivera has been a repeat speaker at AutismOne. This is where she made her MMS protocol widespread. The first time she spoke was in 2015. Since the injunction, she has appeared virtually to get around the agreement set by the courts in Illinois.
There were autistic protesting her in front of the conference each year. Kerri Rivera tries to intimidate protesters. Two parents were outside the conference and four security guards were waiting for them. The mothers said “We know, keep moving, stay off Loews property.” The police were informed. The security couldn’t believe when they told them that they were there protesting bleaching autistic children.
One mother states,“Kerri came out with security and it looks like some manager lady. They just watched us. I recognized her and let the others know. We started chanting, looking directly at Kerri Rivera: “go away, we don’t need your bleach today”. She went inside.

Kerri came out later with security again. I pointed out her to the film crew and they approached her, but security hustled her inside.”



Injunction Against Rivera

The county of Cook, Illinois issued an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance to Kerri Rivera, which she signed as well. This was due to her many appearances at AutismOne promoting MMS. This order states:
  •  she will not sell MMS
  • all successor of hers are bound by this agreement
  • she will not be present at any seminar or conference to sell MMS
  • If this is violated, it will be brought to the attorney general of the state of Illnois

Fleeing the United States

Shortly after the injection is Illinois was signed, Kerri Rivera moved to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico and started an autism clinic there, 2 weeks after Bernard Rimland had died. He died on November 21, 2006. Her clinic was called the AutismO2. This was the only clinic in Mexico that offered biomedical and behavioral treatment. A nurse name Byran worked for her. Bryan stated that they met via eBAy.  “On ebay. Her husband Memo was looking to buy a vintage Desoto car and I was selling one. Memo wanted it to use for parts for a 1951 Desoto limo they own.” Two years after they were in contact, Byran was working for Rivera at her clinic. She started a non profit in Mexico called Bebepingo AC to fund her clinic. 
“Nothing we do on a daily basis here at the clinic to help families impacted by autism would ever have happened without Bernie Rimland,” Kerri said. 
She treated:
  • MS
  • Cerbral Palsy
  • Down’s syndrome
  • autism
  • arthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • diabetes
  • many more
They offer ozone saunas, hyperbaric oxygen, ABA, nutritional and protocol consulting, information about DAN biomedical protocol, and IV chelation.
She met her husband Alpher Bilgic when her now husband brought his wife and child , whom he was still married, for bleach enemas. He left his wife and married her on June 30, 2017. They moved to Bremerhaven, Germany where she currently operates her quackery groups from.

Keto Kerri

On December 18, 2017 Douglas Harrah registered KetoKerri as a business in Chandler, Arizona. Their file number is L22433996. The agents listed for KetoKerri are Michael Harrah, Douglas Harrah and Kerri Rivera.

According to the website:

“The KetoKerri Brand was created by Kerri Rivera, the Internationally Recognized Author, to make Premium Products available at fair prices for the many people seeking health worldwide. Kerri advocates the Keto Diet and so the name KetoKerri was born. KetoKerri is Revolutionizing the Supplement Industry one product at a time.

It is not every day that a Warrior Mom comes along and starts her own Premium Brand to get much needed products into the hands of other people seeking a Healthy Lifestyle. Kerri has a Heart of Gold because she has experienced all the difficulties herself first hand in recovering her own son. KetoKerri exists to put the best tools available into the hands of every person on the planet seeking a Healthier Future. As Hippocrates believed – The Body Can Heal Itself. He said, “Thy food shall be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.” KetoKerri was designed to support this. Our Vision is Worldwide, We Want Health for Everyone.”


KetoKerri is a modified keto diet. From the Website:



“The right diet is key to any successful health improvement.”
– Kerri


Keto is the best diet for overall health and healing


Kerri started with diet interventions in 2004 progressing through diets such as gluten free/casein free (gfcf), specific carbohydrate (SCD), PALEO, GAPS and others. The results were limited until the arrival of low carb/high fat diets like Rosedale and Ketogenic. Keto has become increasingly popular due to the results obtained for overall health.


Object of keto diet is ketosis


Ketosis is when the body is burning ketones instead of carbs/sugar as fuel. This is important because sugar (simple carbohydrates) fans the flames of inflammation and free radicals in the body which are often the beginning of chronic illness and disease. Ketones are water soluble energy molecules which are much cleaner burning than carbohydrates, reducing all the problems of hunger, cravings, insulin spikes, inflammation, and free radicals associated with carbs and sugar. Free radicals cause tissue, cell, protein and genetic damage. Burning ketones reduces and resolves many of these problems and also starves the pathogens such as candida and parasites that feed on simple sugars like those that are found in grains, starches and fruits.


Keto diet is safe


Keto diet is simple to follow and no doctor is needed. Ketoacidosis is a completely different and dangerous condition caused by uncontrolled diabetes. The amount of ketones in ketosis are 0.5-3mmol/l with glucose 70mg/dl or less. When the body is in the life threatening diabetic ketoacidosis (happens in type 1 diabetics who are uncontrolled) the ketones are 20mmol/l with glucose levels between 250mg/dl to 400mg/dl. While ketosis and ketoacidosis are two completely different metabolic processes, they are sadly confused by many who try to lead us with our health issues. Please do not be confused. Having ketones in the blood is normal in ketosis and desired.


What is the KetoKerri diet?


Kerri found a way to improve the Keto diet, to make it easier to follow and to achieve better results when seeking to restore health.

TRUE KETO: 70% fat, 20% protein, 5% carbs

KETOKERRI: 50% fat, 50% protein/complex carbs (protein max 1g per lb body weight)

  • 50% of the calories consumed must be good fats like MCT C8, coconut oil, olive oil, and ghee without casein
  • Fats from avocados and eggs are also emphasized
  • KetoKerri does not limit complex carbs, which should come from non starchy vegetables, nuts and seeds
  • Stevia for sweetener, never honey with keto
  • KetoKerri diet is easier to use than original keto diet
  • KetoKerri diet emphasizes MCT C8 Oil, coconut oil (for cooking), avocados, and eggs.


KetoKerri diet limits protein because high protein diets are not good for many reasons. The main one is that protein if consumed in quantities higher than needed will be stored as fat and converted into carbohydrates. A diet too high in protein causes inflammation and that is a root cause of all illnesses. In general, no fruit or grains, instead place a lot of importance on MCT C8 Oil, coconut oil (for cooking), avocados (between 1-3 a day), and eggs. Of course there are other foods, but these are the most important and the healthiest for the healing process bar none. They are the most ketogenic of all.


Diet modifications


The above are general guidelines. KetoKerri diet may need to be modified in specific cases depending on the individual and the health goals sought. Kerri has a great deal of experience optimizing diet in individual cases so a consult with her may be the best solution to maximize results.”

After speaking with A’s endocrinologist, she told me that children NEED carbs. They can become malnourished and not grow and develop properly without them. 

There is a KetoKerri Telegram group where recipes are often exchanged as well as advice on how much bleach to dose children and adults with. 


Products offered:

  • Mojave
  • zeolite (a chelation agent)
  • Vitamin D
  • Structured Silver Solution
  • Humic/fulvic
  • EDTA
  • MCT
  • Sulfar Crystals MSM
  • Ke-Tox Footbath
  • RObynzyme (from Roby Mitchell)
  • Stone Breaker
  • thyroid cream
  • castor oil
  • iodine
  • mother’s helper

Skype consultations.

Rivera offers one on one consultations over Skype. She does not even need to meet the client to treat them! She charges $175 for one hour. Follow ups are $85.
She has a disclaimer on her website for the consult:
A consult with Kerri does not constitute medical advice, nor is it a substitute for a consult with your doctor or healthcare provider. As always, you are responsible for your health, and for the health of your children.”

She claims she can cure:

  • lyme disease
  • prostate cancer
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • hypothyroidism
  • Hashimoto’s disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • influenza (the flu)
  • Viruses
  • candidacies
  • mold toxicity
  • small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Pandas
  • bipolar disorder
  • and more

Rivera’s Claims on MMS

Rivera says that MMS is “controversial because it works.”
“I started researching and [found that] it destroys viruses, bacteria, candida, parasites, reduces overall body inflammation, and neutralizes heavy metals, so I’m all in, [because] that’s what autism is,” Rivera said.
Rivera claims that MMS can cure autism by killing parasites with her protocol thats timed with the lunar calandar. This is pseudoscience at its worst. “I believe the missing piece of the puzzle to autism recovery is chlorine dioxide.”

Outside Clinics to do Her Bidding

In December of 2020, Emma Dalmayne came to me because she was messaged on twitter about a clinic in the UK recommending MMS to parents of autistic children. It was called the Healthcare Clinic but it was disguised as a podiatrist clinic. She had a hard time finding the clinic but I was able to find it using my Google fu as I like to call it. WIth that information, Emma was able to bring this to the media. Julia Chaplin was exposed for promoting MMS. She even admits to not knowing the pharmacology of MMS but she is recommending it when she does not quite understand it herself! She was in direct contact with Clive de Carl and Kerri Rivera.


As the COVID 19 pandemic spread, of course Rivera and the rest of the bleach cult couldn’t help themselves. They came up with a protocol to prevent and cure COVID 19. In the Telegram group, a pregnant woman was advised to dilute drops of MMS and consume it throughout the day.

Numerous FDA Warning Letters


Still Peddling Bleach Despite Being Raided

In July, 2021, the police in Bremerhaven, Germany raided Rivera’s home. It was found out because it was posted in her Telegram group. This Telegram group is used to peddle the bleach and other aspects of her quack protocol. According to a message from Leon Edwards, a bleach peddler that Emma helped to expose, all Rivera’s devices were seized and he was running her Telegram group for Rivera. 

“I am not allowed freedom of speech.”

“I created a 3 minute video in January 2020, sharing hope and healing with anyone who would be interested and that led to a 150,000 dollar case. Obviously they want to shut me up. After receiving a letter from the government that the case is over only five weeks ago. On July 13, 2021 at 6am a team of 11-14 police invaded our home and ransacked it as if I were a drug dealer. They took supplements and all of the electronics from computers to cell phones. Once gone, we were left with a search warrant and confusion.”

I hate to break to you, Bleach Queen, you are a drug dealer. 

When Vice contacted the police department they said,”I can only inform you today that the prosecutor’s investigations in this case have not yet been completed.”

Not long ago, Rivera announced that she was going to be hosting “a television show.” It is just video being shared on a video sharing platform which is owned by a member of the bleach cult, so it has no danger of being taken down. This site is called Brighteon. Do not go to the site because it will give them views. I will download and put them here if they are important. Her “show” is called “Champions with Kerri Rivera.” She announced this in an email on her email list. 

She has since added chelation agents to her protocol. One is similar to Toxin Removal System. The other one is EDTA. It is a chelation agent but it is also used in blood test tubes to prevent blood from clotting so plasma (liquid portion of blood that has not been clotted) can be tested. 

Peddling bleach and more quackery while being investigated for just that. That isn’t too bright. 

She didnt talk with the reporters, she usually doesnt. Instead she posed on her site:

“It appears some of these reporters have been actively coordinating with abusive internet trolls who have been caught harassing families of children with autism. We expect that when the details of these relationship reach public awareness -and they will – that some reporters will lose jobs and even careers over this.” 

I certainly hope she isn’t threatening people. She tried that before and it hasn’t worked. 


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