Quack Exposed: Kerri Rivera

Kerri Rivera, or as the autistic community knows her the bleach queen, is a real estate agent from Chicago, Illinois. She has two sons, Alex and Patrick. After her son Patrick was diagnosed with autism in 2004,  she followed Dr. Rimland with the Defeat Autism Now protocol. This includes many biomedical interventions that are considered to be quackery, such as IV chelation, hyperbaric oxygen and neurofeedback.  She said he was a “non responder” and she was very disappointed.

In 2006, Rivera met with Bernard Rimland, the founder of DAN and Autism Research Institute in San Diego. Rimland gave Rivera permission to translate his protocol from English to Spanish.

Being inspired by Bernard Rimland, she became a Rescue Angel for Jenny McCarthy’s organization called Generation Rescue. She was also a mentor for TACA.

Soon after this, she tried MMS or chlorine dioxide on herself and her son. Jim Humble, the cofounder of the Genesis 2 church of health and healing, claims to have discovered it during a gold minding expedition. He said it cured it him and his crew of malaria.  She claims that the “veil of autism was lifted and he began speaking in ways he hadn’t for years.”

There is no scientific evidence to back up any claims that MMS works at all. There have never been no clinical trials and neither Rivera or Humble have cited any studies to prove their claims.

She then went to the Los Angeles school of Homeopathy from 2010 to 2013. She earned her certificate in D. Hom. She took that as being an MD, which is not the same thing.

Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism

In 2013, Kerri Rivera wrote the book “Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism.” This is a how to guide on how to poison an autistic child with bleach. The introductory chapter is written by Jim Humble, the founder of the Genesis II church of Health and Healing. Her sister, Kimberly McDaniel, who is a journalist in Mexico, helped her write the book as well.

“Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism” was banned on Amazon in 2019 due to the work of autistic activists and Brandy Zondrosky with NBC News.This book is dangerous. It was translated in to 7 different languages. The book is now only available on her website so it is not as wide spread.

Soon after the ban, Kerri Rivera had a “troll watch” page. It lists several very effective autistic and autistic ally activists fighting for autistic rights. Copy of Rivera’s “Troll Watch” on my site to not give her hits.

Social Media Popularity

When her book gained popularity, Rivera started Facebook support groups. These groups were in several different language. English (7k members), Spanish, Arabic (10k members), Turkish (12k members) and Portuguese. These groups were banned shortly after MMS was in the media and Facebook felt the pressure of letting this go on.

She then moved to Mewe. From there she settled in on Telegram. She has a paid and free Telegram MMS group. She has a group in Spanish as well. The Spanish group has been taken down several times but always reopens. Telegram is an encrypted app where the company does not like to take down any content and has been favored by terrorists and criminals because they claim free speech. This free speech comes at a cost.

Recently, Rivera has written a book called Alternative First Aid Reference Guide. It can only be found on her website as she has been banned in major book retail websites, thankfully.


Kerri Rivera has been a repeat speaker at AutismOne. This is where she made her MMS protocol widespread. The first time she spoke was in 2015. Since the injunction, she has appeared virtually to get around the agreement set by the courts in Illinois.
There were autistic protesting her in front of the conference each year. Kerri Rivera tries to intimidate protesters. Two parents were outside the conference and four security guards were waiting for them. The mothers said “We know, keep moving, stay off Loews property.” The police were informed. The security couldn’t believe when they told them that they were there protesting bleaching autistic children.
One mother states,“Kerri came out with security and it looks like some manager lady. They just watched us. I recognized her and let the others know. We started chanting, looking directly at Kerri Rivera: “go away, we don’t need your bleach today”. She went inside.

Kerri came out later with security again. I pointed out her to the film crew and they approached her, but security hustled her inside.”


Injunction Against Rivera

The county of Cook, Illinois issued an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance to Kerri Rivera, which she signed as well. This was due to her many appearances at AutismOne promoting MMS. This order states:
  •  she will not sell MMS
  • all successor of hers are bound by this agreement
  • she will not be present at any seminar or conference to sell MMS
  • If this is violated, it will be brought to the attorney general of the state of Illnois

Fleeing the United States

Shortly after the injection is Illinois was signed, Kerri Rivera moved to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico and started an autism clinic there, 2 weeks after Bernard Rimland had died. He died on November 21, 2006. Her clinic was called the AutismO2. This was the only clinic in Mexico that offered biomedical and behavioral treatment. A nurse name Byran worked for her. Bryan stated that they met via eBAy.  “On ebay. Her husband Memo was looking to buy a vintage Desoto car and I was selling one. Memo wanted it to use for parts for a 1951 Desoto limo they own.” Two years after they were in contact, Byran was working for Rivera at her clinic. She started a non profit in Mexico called Bebepingo AC to fund her clinic. 
“Nothing we do on a daily basis here at the clinic to help families impacted by autism would ever have happened without Bernie Rimland,” Kerri said. 
She treated:
  • MS
  • Cerbral Palsy
  • Down’s syndrome
  • autism
  • arthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • diabetes
  • many more
They offer ozone saunas, hyperbaric oxygen, ABA, nutritional and protocol consulting, information about DAN biomedical protocol, and IV chelation.
She met her husband Alpher Bilgic when her now husband brought his wife and child , whom he was still married, for bleach enemas. He left his wife and married her on June 30, 2017. They moved to Bremerhaven, Germany where she currently operates her quackery groups from.

Keto Kerri

On December 18, 2017 Douglas Harrah registered KetoKerri as a business in Chandler, Arizona. Their file number is L22433996. The agents listed for KetoKerri are Michael Harrah, Douglas Harrah and Kerri Rivera.

According to the website:

“The KetoKerri Brand was created by Kerri Rivera, the Internationally Recognized Author, to make Premium Products available at fair prices for the many people seeking health worldwide. Kerri advocates the Keto Diet and so the name KetoKerri was born. KetoKerri is Revolutionizing the Supplement Industry one product at a time.

It is not every day that a Warrior Mom comes along and starts her own Premium Brand to get much needed products into the hands of other people seeking a Healthy Lifestyle. Kerri has a Heart of Gold because she has experienced all the difficulties herself first hand in recovering her own son. KetoKerri exists to put the best tools available into the hands of every person on the planet seeking a Healthier Future. As Hippocrates believed – The Body Can Heal Itself. He said, “Thy food shall be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.” KetoKerri was designed to support this. Our Vision is Worldwide, We Want Health for Everyone.”


KetoKerri is a modified keto diet. From the Website:



“The right diet is key to any successful health improvement.”
– Kerri


Keto is the best diet for overall health and healing


Kerri started with diet interventions in 2004 progressing through diets such as gluten free/casein free (gfcf), specific carbohydrate (SCD), PALEO, GAPS and others. The results were limited until the arrival of low carb/high fat diets like Rosedale and Ketogenic. Keto has become increasingly popular due to the results obtained for overall health.


Object of keto diet is ketosis


Ketosis is when the body is burning ketones instead of carbs/sugar as fuel. This is important because sugar (simple carbohydrates) fans the flames of inflammation and free radicals in the body which are often the beginning of chronic illness and disease. Ketones are water soluble energy molecules which are much cleaner burning than carbohydrates, reducing all the problems of hunger, cravings, insulin spikes, inflammation, and free radicals associated with carbs and sugar. Free radicals cause tissue, cell, protein and genetic damage. Burning ketones reduces and resolves many of these problems and also starves the pathogens such as candida and parasites that feed on simple sugars like those that are found in grains, starches and fruits.


Keto diet is safe


Keto diet is simple to follow and no doctor is needed. Ketoacidosis is a completely different and dangerous condition caused by uncontrolled diabetes. The amount of ketones in ketosis are 0.5-3mmol/l with glucose 70mg/dl or less. When the body is in the life threatening diabetic ketoacidosis (happens in type 1 diabetics who are uncontrolled) the ketones are 20mmol/l with glucose levels between 250mg/dl to 400mg/dl. While ketosis and ketoacidosis are two completely different metabolic processes, they are sadly confused by many who try to lead us with our health issues. Please do not be confused. Having ketones in the blood is normal in ketosis and desired.


What is the KetoKerri diet?


Kerri found a way to improve the Keto diet, to make it easier to follow and to achieve better results when seeking to restore health.

TRUE KETO: 70% fat, 20% protein, 5% carbs

KETOKERRI: 50% fat, 50% protein/complex carbs (protein max 1g per lb body weight)

  • 50% of the calories consumed must be good fats like MCT C8, coconut oil, olive oil, and ghee without casein
  • Fats from avocados and eggs are also emphasized
  • KetoKerri does not limit complex carbs, which should come from non starchy vegetables, nuts and seeds
  • Stevia for sweetener, never honey with keto
  • KetoKerri diet is easier to use than original keto diet
  • KetoKerri diet emphasizes MCT C8 Oil, coconut oil (for cooking), avocados, and eggs.


KetoKerri diet limits protein because high protein diets are not good for many reasons. The main one is that protein if consumed in quantities higher than needed will be stored as fat and converted into carbohydrates. A diet too high in protein causes inflammation and that is a root cause of all illnesses. In general, no fruit or grains, instead place a lot of importance on MCT C8 Oil, coconut oil (for cooking), avocados (between 1-3 a day), and eggs. Of course there are other foods, but these are the most important and the healthiest for the healing process bar none. They are the most ketogenic of all.


Diet modifications


The above are general guidelines. KetoKerri diet may need to be modified in specific cases depending on the individual and the health goals sought. Kerri has a great deal of experience optimizing diet in individual cases so a consult with her may be the best solution to maximize results.”

After speaking with A’s endocrinologist, she told me that children NEED carbs. They can become malnourished and not grow and develop properly without them. 

There is a KetoKerri Telegram group where recipes are often exchanged as well as advice on how much bleach to dose children and adults with. 


Products offered:

  • Mojave
  • zeolite (a chelation agent)
  • Vitamin D
  • Structured Silver Solution
  • Humic/fulvic
  • EDTA
  • MCT
  • Sulfar Crystals MSM
  • Ke-Tox Footbath
  • RObynzyme (from Roby Mitchell)
  • Stone Breaker
  • thyroid cream
  • castor oil
  • iodine
  • mother’s helper

Skype consultations.

Rivera offers one on one consultations over Skype. She does not even need to meet the client to treat them! She charges $175 for one hour. Follow ups are $85.
She has a disclaimer on her website for the consult:
A consult with Kerri does not constitute medical advice, nor is it a substitute for a consult with your doctor or healthcare provider. As always, you are responsible for your health, and for the health of your children.”

She claims she can cure:

  • lyme disease
  • prostate cancer
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • hypothyroidism
  • Hashimoto’s disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • influenza (the flu)
  • Viruses
  • candidacies
  • mold toxicity
  • small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Pandas
  • bipolar disorder
  • and more

Rivera’s Claims on MMS

Rivera says that MMS is “controversial because it works.”
“I started researching and [found that] it destroys viruses, bacteria, candida, parasites, reduces overall body inflammation, and neutralizes heavy metals, so I’m all in, [because] that’s what autism is,” Rivera said.
Rivera claims that MMS can cure autism by killing parasites with her protocol thats timed with the lunar calandar. This is pseudoscience at its worst. “I believe the missing piece of the puzzle to autism recovery is chlorine dioxide.”

Outside Clinics to do Her Bidding

In December of 2020, Emma Dalmayne came to me because she was messaged on twitter about a clinic in the UK recommending MMS to parents of autistic children. It was called the Healthcare Clinic but it was disguised as a podiatrist clinic. She had a hard time finding the clinic but I was able to find it using my Google fu as I like to call it. WIth that information, Emma was able to bring this to the media. Julia Chaplin was exposed for promoting MMS. She even admits to not knowing the pharmacology of MMS but she is recommending it when she does not quite understand it herself! She was in direct contact with Clive de Carl and Kerri Rivera.


As the COVID 19 pandemic spread, of course Rivera and the rest of the bleach cult couldn’t help themselves. They came up with a protocol to prevent and cure COVID 19. In the Telegram group, a pregnant woman was advised to dilute drops of MMS and consume it throughout the day.

Numerous FDA Warning Letters

Still Peddling Bleach Despite Being Raided

In July, 2021, the police in Bremerhaven, Germany raided Rivera’s home. It was found out because it was posted in her Telegram group. This Telegram group is used to peddle the bleach and other aspects of her quack protocol. According to a message from Leon Edwards, a bleach peddler that Emma helped to expose, all Rivera’s devices were seized and he was running her Telegram group for Rivera. 

“I am not allowed freedom of speech.”

“I created a 3 minute video in January 2020, sharing hope and healing with anyone who would be interested and that led to a 150,000 dollar case. Obviously they want to shut me up. After receiving a letter from the government that the case is over only five weeks ago. On July 13, 2021 at 6am a team of 11-14 police invaded our home and ransacked it as if I were a drug dealer. They took supplements and all of the electronics from computers to cell phones. Once gone, we were left with a search warrant and confusion.”

I hate to break to you, Bleach Queen, you are a drug dealer. 

When Vice contacted the police department they said,”I can only inform you today that the prosecutor’s investigations in this case have not yet been completed.”

Not long ago, Rivera announced that she was going to be hosting “a television show.” It is just video being shared on a video sharing platform which is owned by a member of the bleach cult, so it has no danger of being taken down. This site is called Brighteon. Do not go to the site because it will give them views. I will download and put them here if they are important. Her “show” is called “Champions with Kerri Rivera.” She announced this in an email on her email list. 

She has since added chelation agents to her protocol. One is similar to Toxin Removal System. The other one is EDTA. It is a chelation agent but it is also used in blood test tubes to prevent blood from clotting so plasma (liquid portion of blood that has not been clotted) can be tested. 

Peddling bleach and more quackery while being investigated for just that. That isn’t too bright. 

“It appears some of these reporters have been actively coordinating with abusive internet trolls who have been caught harassing families of children with autism. We expect that when the details of these relationship reach public awareness -and they will – that some reporters will lose jobs and even careers over this.” 

She didnt talk with the reporters, she usually doesnt. Instead she posed on her site.

I certainly hope she isn’t threatening people. She tried that before and it hasn’t worked. 

New Smear Piece

Kerri Rivera is interviewed about being raided last year. She claims the police have nothing but seized all her devices. She whines that it has been so hard for her. Poor baby. What about the children she facilitates the poisoning of?
Emma, Melissa, Brandy and I are called cockroach whores. Here is a Google image for your entertainment. We just think of where this is coming from and know her day is coming soon.

Transcription of video:

Kerri Rivera: [00:00:07] There was a big push about chlorine dioxide in Latin America because they started to use it specifically in Bolivia. And there were like tens of thousands of people that went from having COVID to not COVID in days. And the government was giving it away on the streets, basically in these cities that were most hit by whatever this illness was, what’s called COVID, for argument’s sake. They were giving bottles away. [00:00:28][21.4]

Sean: [00:00:30] Hey, friends, Shawn from SGT report here. Thank you so very much for tuning in. That was my long time friend, Keri Rivera, a woman who cares very much about families and children. So it’s no wonder that the CIA paid mercenary mockingbird mainstream horror media despises her so very much. Before we start, just a quick word about our sponsor. There’s a secret diet that many celebs, C.E.O.s, athletes and 13 million other Americans use. It’s the keto diet, and it’s considered an efficient way to reach weight loss goals, increase energy levels and enhance mental focus. And I have to tell you about this amazing hero powder. It helps increase ketone levels in the body without the strict rules associated with the traditional keto diet. So the results, like a boosted metabolism, can come even sooner. Increase the level of ketones in your body. When you take this amazing kilo powder, it’s three times better than coconut oil, butter or AMC cheese. Plus each order will come with two bonuses a free VIP life, health and Fitness Coaching for Life and a free e-book titled The 14 Top Ketogenic Boots Keto with SGT is the place to go. If you order now, you’ll get 51% off free shipping and a 60 day money back guarantee. Get yours while you still can by going to keto with dot com. Just visit the link below. A friend’s. Welcome back. Thank you so much for tuning in. It’s Sean from SGT Report here. I’m absolutely thrilled to have you all back. Thanks for finding us wherever you have be bitch you sit reporter td sgtreport.com the phaser rt.com maybe it’s Rumble or Odyssey or the podcast. However you found us here. Thank you so much for tuning in and thanks for spreading this information because in a sea of lies people want the truth and the blood is on his hands. Giuliani slams George Soros After Billionaire Claims his days. These despicable, demonic days aren’t to blame for the crime waves that we’ve seen all over the country where Soros backed Diaz got elected, or should I say selected friends. This house of cards, this Kazarian morphe Ponzi scheme is falling apart, sand through their fingers. It’s all going to go away because we, the people have woken up and we the people know we have the power. And all they can do now is steal elections like they did in this last one and install their puppets. And when Joe Biden is no longer able to be, quote unquote president, well, they’ll just try to install Gavin Newsom friends. It’s all coming, but they’re not going to get away with it because we know now who the enemies of humanity are Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and yes, Joe Biden. I’m very thrilled to have Back on the line my longtime friend Carrie Rivera. It’s been three years Kerry had to flee this country. Why? Well, because she was being persecuted for attempting to help families who have children with autism. Can you imagine what a crime? Never mind Joe Biden and Hunter Biden and actual crimes against children. No, no. Kerry had to flee because she wanted to help kids with autism. Carrie, welcome back. How are you. [00:03:31][180.8]

Kerri Rivera: [00:03:32] Sean? Great to be with you. And it’s been three long years and they’ve been really difficult years. But of course, it’s always nice to out the roaches. [00:03:39][7.3]

Sean: [00:03:41] Well, let me show one of the roaches, because I want people to understand and they do now more than ever, because I’ve been targeted by The Washington Post. Washington Post reporter showed up on my doorstep on Father’s Day at 5 p.m. a year ago. Another one of these mercenaries, a wretched whore, mercenary journalist is Brandi Zadrozny, who did a hit piece on you several years ago. Kerry claiming that parents are poisoning their children with bleach to cure autism. And these moms are trying to stop it. And then they go into these pathetic women masquerading as truth tellers who hide in the shadows on Facebook pages and other and other places to try to target truth tellers like you. And the truth is, I’m coming back you, Kerry. The truth is chlorine dioxide is not a bleach. And Brandi must know that. But she doesn’t care because she’s a mercenary, hired to lie and to essentially character, assassinate people like you. [00:04:36][55.0]

Kerri Rivera: [00:04:36] Right. And, you know, going back to 1978, Martha, which well, that’s a sordid business, also what they called chlorine dioxide, the universal antidote. And if you go to the universal anti dotcom, there is a wonderful documentary about chlorine dioxide, the history of chlorine dioxide, and of course, everything the pro oxidative, the pro oxygen is and of course, doesn’t talk about what it is. And because once you see what it is, you can understand full well that it is not bleach, which is a whole different a whole different chemical. [00:05:04][28.0]

Sean: [00:05:06] Well, for those who don’t know, why don’t you tell people what KD is? What is chlorine dioxide? Because others now are even talking about I think Dr. Peter McCullough has mentioned it, it’s very effective, maybe even in treating people who have this COVID boogeyman virus or maybe for those who took the bioweapon. [00:05:20][14.6]

Kerri Rivera: [00:05:22] Right. Well, what’s really exciting and of course, the other day or maybe about three or four weeks ago, I woke up and someone says, Did you see this is Peter McCullough. Dr. Peter McCullough, who is I think he is the doctor with more publications than any other doctor in the world, something like this. And he’s recommending chlorine dioxide. Dr. Judy Mikovits is is recommending chlorine dioxide. Dr. Stephanie Senate, if it gets rid of it, destroys glyphosate. So all these Mike Adams as well, all these really big names in health and healing are talking about chlorine dioxide, which makes me feel like I’ve you know, I came early to the party, but now everybody’s here. So it’s it feels a lot better. There’s a wonderful documentary called The Universal Antidote, and it’s at The Universal Antidote. It’s in English. And then it has all the subtitles in many different languages. And it explains exactly what Nassar knew back in 1978, that chlorine dioxide was the universal antidote for all of the things that they’re going to try to kill us with. So whether it’s monkeypox, COVID 19, H1N1, Ebola. Chlorine dioxide will take care of it. So we don’t have anything to worry about unless we don’t have the chlorine dioxide in the house. And that’s something to worry about. And of course, they’ve been really after those of us like the gremlins, Mark Brennan, who they’ve been in jail for two years without a trial, you know, this kind of insane things that are happening in our world. And Americans, it’s happened to Americans more than I think any other group besides the Chinese. But the US is definitely modeling right after China. As for what they’re doing about truth tellers, you know, anybody who’s telling the truth, they’ve been after us for forever. Actually, I’m reading a book about a Dr. Ravitch right now, and he was hearing, of course, couldn’t use the word cure even though you’re is the absence of disease people for many, many years he’s passed away. I think he passed away. He was about 100 years old. This goes back some time ago. But they took his license and this goes back again like 1990, you know. So this is not a new thing. Take somebody’s license or defame that person, even though there’s nothing like, for example, when people say, oh, yeah, I read all kinds of bad things about chlorine dioxide. And, you know, of course they’re using a Google search, which is not a search engine, it’s a propaganda tool. So use something else. Don’t use Google. But people that are of course using Google are finding all kinds of negative things about me, chlorine dioxide or anybody like me that is promoting the use of chlorine dioxide for healing. And when I started using chlorine dioxide, that was after six years of doing biomedical treatments with my vaccine injured sun and you know after seeing hundreds of thousands of dollars towards treatment modalities went out to try to heal my son and he was better but he was nowhere near where I would have liked him to have been. And I prayed and I remembered that I had bought this chlorine dioxide in 2009. I had it in my shell and I went to the shelf and I opened it up and I put a few drops together and activated a smile. And I started to research. And that was back in the day when the worst search engines that you could find real valid information and it destroyed the open, the viral envelope, thus destroying the virus. It killed all kinds of fungus, mold, Candida. It killed bacteria. It neutralized heavy metals so that any Kool-Aid or even a light spray or drops would get rid of heavy metals. Inflammation would go down and get rid of oxidative stress. So everything the chlorine that autism was labeled as chlorine dioxide reversed, got rid of the absence of disease. So I started to use it for my son after, of course, you know, much investigation. And my son got a lot better. And I used to have a biomedical clinic with a doctor and nurses and psychologists and everything, neurofeedback, all kinds of stuff that didn’t work at all. But that was what was those were the modalities at the time. People like, What are you doing, Patrick? Wow, you look so much better. What are you doing? You’re talking like, well, there’s just stuff that I bought from the doctor in Guadalajara. My first husband was is Mexican then. So I lived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and I’ve been visiting family of his in Guadalajara the year prior, since 2009 and bought some chlorine dioxide from a pediatrician there and anywhere. But I didn’t really use it because I figured $20, how could that help my son? You know, all the interventions would have to be like stem cells for 30,000, hyperbaric for 100 that, you know, the numbers had to be much bigger. But, you know, when you think about it, God doesn’t just love rich kids. So it does make sense and it works for everybody. So when I started using with my son, I was like, Oh my gosh, it’s so much better now. People are coming to my clinic for the hyperbaric chamber and I’m like, Wow, what is this stuff everyone’s talking about? 2010, we didn’t there was no Facebook. There was like none of this social media stuff there is today. And of course, if there was, I was I didn’t know how to use it. So I was pretty much just answering email. So people are sending me emails from all over Latin America and Spain. I was much more prevalent in the Spanish speaking community than in the English speaking. And so people started using it. Well, within four months there were already three or four recoveries. And it was like recoveries. Like that word c, u r we can’t use. But it was amazing because it was the first time I was seeing after my son had been diagnosed in 2004. It was the first time by 2010 that I was really seeing like repetitive recoveries. You know, you’d hear like, somebody recover their kid. Like, I’d hear about it kind of like in a distant whisper someplace and everybody else. The rest of us are just jamming all these supplements into our kids and doing lab testing and, you know, spending tons of money, but really getting nowhere. And so once we saw once I saw all of these recoveries, more and more people were coming to me. So I started to kind of figure out ways to use it. And now after actually COVID, there was a big push about chlorine dioxide in Latin America because they started to use it specifically in Bolivia. And there were like tens of thousands of people that went from having COVID to not COVID in days. And the government was giving it away on the streets, basically in these cities that were most hit by whatever this illness was, what was called COVID, for argument’s sake. They were giving bottles away. And one of the doctors who was involved in that is a friend of mine, Dr. Patricia Alice Pettis. She’s a pediatrician, primatologist. But she was like taking it herself and then going to the streets. They didn’t wear masks. It was giving it away, showing people not to be scared. And Bolivia actually wrote it into law that chlorine dioxide is used for an indicated for the use of COVID. And that was what they were doing. So it’s actually on their books. And of course, you don’t hear that in English media. And of course, even in the Spanish speaking world, there’s still a lot of controversy. But for the most part, it is still pretty openly used. And like I know in Mexico, because I lived in Mexico for 20 years and alternative medicine has always been huge in Latin American countries, especially in Mexico. And that’s why people like yourself, you go to these go to alternative treatment clinics to get help where mainstream medicine has failed us. And that, I think, goes back to whether it’s chlorine dioxide or, you know, bum knee from running on it. But I still think that chlorine dioxide can be the answer to so many things. And most of us, not just myself, but like look at Mark Grennan and his sons. They’ve been in jail for two years without a trial. I mean, that’s our American court system. It’s it’s heartbreaking because I know, Sean, you and I are approximately the same age. And we grew up in a country that we’re proud to be Americans. And now I just can’t believe, you know, Gen six, what’s happening to our people? How is it possible that, you know, we had a coup and nobody came to our rescue, you know? [00:12:48][446.8]

Kerri Rivera: [00:12:50] Well, yeah. And you’ve hit on a couple of things here that I want to talk about, because the DOJ and the FBI are now so hopelessly corrupt that even people within the FBI are blowing the whistle and saying, look, the deck is stacked in every single one of these investigations, especially as it pertains to people who showed up on January six or as it pertains to Hunter Biden’s laptop. They continue to cover up for Hunter Biden’s crimes and people have had enough. We are sick and tired of all of it. So I just want to go back to that disinformation whore for the New World Order. Brandy. Z Rosneft. I want to show people who that is because she’s still active. And amidst all the targeting of truth tellers like Dr. Zelenka and Dr. Peter McCullough and Sherry Tenpenny, so many other real doctors who actually care about people explaining that there were real treatments for people who got sick. They didn’t need to be vented and put on Remdesivir. [00:13:45][55.0]

Sean: [00:13:46] Remdesivir is the one that the bad one that I was making the lungs fill up with water, I think. [00:13:51][4.4]

Kerri Rivera: [00:13:51] Yeah, that’s right. Well, remdesivir, I think, has like a 54% kill rate. Okay. And that’s the one that Fauci wanted to fast track and of course, did, I think, under emergency use authorization. But the point I want to make is that this mercenary that you see right here, Brandy Zadrozny, is senior reporter for NBC News. She covers misinformation, extremism and the Internet. Now everybody understands what this is. She’s a mercenary for the New World Order. She’s a scumbag. She’s an evil person who is either so stupid that she shouldn’t have her job or she’s just really bad at her job because I typed in chlorine dioxide to Google. Look at this. One of the first returns web MD. Chlorine dioxide is a gas. It is commonly used to disinfect drinking water when used in very small quantities to disinfect water. It is safe and does not lead to health risks. Okay. Now, Brandi targeted you, saying that you and others were trying to cure autism in children by using bleach. Either she’s really bad at her job or she’s dumb as a rock, or she’s in on the plan to hurt people with a bioweapon and to not allow people to get things that could actually help them. I mean. It’s insane. [00:15:05][73.9]

Sean: [00:15:06] KERRY Well, I what I really believe is I think that there’s there’s us and there’s them. Sean And that’s why I’m so grateful to be on the same side of history as you and Sara and Mike Adams and Dr. Mikovits and other people of this nature. Of course, I don’t hold myself to the same esteem, but I mean, I really believe that we are all fighting the same battle. Me, you, the people I just mentioned, and many more like them. And then there’s the other side, there’s the dark side, there’s the people that if there was a coup and our country was taken over and there’s still a coup going on, I don’t even know. Without. Without getting rid of the Dominion Machines. Is anybody actually voting anymore? So we’re just going to they’re just going to keep changing the talking head, you know, until finally the people stand up and say, that’s enough. We’re not going to take it anymore. But I definitely feel like, you know, there’s there’s Austin and there’s them. And I don’t even know I mean, this Brad any it looks like she’s doing well for herself. She looks a lot better than she has in the last four years. So apparently she’s getting paid more. And I think that that’s a lot of the situation with them. And, you know, we’re just trying to stand up and wake people up so we can change what’s coming. Because what’s coming, if people don’t wake up and people don’t make us take a stand and change, we’re all going down. We’re going to go down together. So it’s nice to see, you know, whistleblowers like Karen Kingston or Dr. Judy Mikovits or many, many like these people. There’s more and more people standing up every day. So there’s we still have a chance. [00:16:28][82.5]

Sean: [00:16:29] Let’s talk a little bit about economics and inflation. Inflation is bad in Europe. Inflation is really out of control. In Germany, for instance, electricity prices have soared 300% in winter is coming. It’s going to be a very, very harsh winter. How are you enduring the inflation? Tell us maybe a little bit about what you’re seeing, where you are, and you can tell us where you are or don’t. That’s up to you. [00:16:54][24.5]

Kerri Rivera: [00:16:55] Treasurer Well, I kind of going back to what happened to me was I actually didn’t really flee anywhere. My first husband was Mexican, second husband German. So I live in Germany, my second husband. But what happened last year? Actually, it was almost 13 months ago. My house is rated at 6 a.m. in Germany and on the on the raid permission basically like a warrant, not a warrant, a house invasion. What do you call them? They have the they have the search warrants, a search warrant. [00:17:24][29.3]

Sean: [00:17:25] So those you got swatted? Basically, I got swatted. And by the way, let me say, I didn’t know you’re in Germany. I just continue to say it. I just had on a guest the CEO of a uranium company, and I played the sound clip about German inflation. German electricity prices up 300% in just the past couple of months. I mean, it’s unsustainable. But this is all part of the Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum plan. You own nothing. You’ll be happy and you won’t have and you won’t have access to affordable energy anymore because you’re going to be a serf. That’s the plan, Carol. [00:17:52][27.3]

Kerri Rivera: [00:17:52] Our house went up 100% double. It’s absolutely double. Used to be €1 per liter. Now it’s 1 to €2 per liter. So, yeah, I was swatted. That’s exactly what happened in on the search warrant. There was actually the name of the troll who’s been trolling me for about six or seven years now and basically saying that that I harm two kids, of which we don’t know the names of these kids. Now, there is no case. There’s officially still no case. According to my parents, 13 months later, there’s still no case. They these 15 police that came into my house with guns at 6 a.m. absolutely horrifying. They took my computers, my phones, anything that was electronic, they took it. They won’t give it back, even though my attorney keeps asking for it back every once in a while. And they said, no, no, it’s part of an investigation. Part of it. They have nothing. They have absolutely nothing. They would like to be rid of me, which actually makes me less wanting to go. As much as I’d love to go, I still want to stick around, see what’s happening. But that’s how ridiculous the whole thing is. There is no case because if somebody was harmed, I wouldn’t be free. They would take, you know what I mean? Nothing would. That’s another thing. When people they look at, they say, okay, yeah, there’s all this bad stuff about this Carrie Rivera about this chlorine dioxide. But like, they can’t find one dead person cannot, you know. And Jim Hummel started using chlorine dioxide for health and healing back about 25 years ago, like 28 years ago now as time has gone. But I mean, 30 years of using chlorine dioxide for health and healing and there’s been like zero people to die from chlorine dioxide. So the trolls are obviously getting paid. They’re obviously improving their bottom line to keep the lie going. But. [00:19:25][92.5]

Sean: [00:19:26] Well, yeah. I’m sorry. You heard me brief because I wanted to ask a question, and it’s really from a place of outrage, which is, of course, the mercenaries like Brandi would target KD. But they don’t say anything about the bioweapon masquerading as a vaccine. They don’t say anything about the VA’s reporting database, which shows north of 25,000 people dead in this country alone. And we know that’s just a fraction of the total. Brandi won’t cite the fact that according to that one insurance guy from Indiana, the CEO of the insurance company, the death rates have soared 40% year over year, which is absolutely 100% unprecedented. And Brandi’s too stupid to be able to correlate that potentially that many shots are actually killing people. But she that’s because she’s in on it with the rest of the mainstream horror. Mockingbird. CIA Media. Carey. My point is they hate chlorine dioxide, but they love the bioweapon. [00:20:16][49.4]

Kerri Rivera: [00:20:17] Because chlorine dioxide so effective they have to be against it. It is the universal antidote for everything they’re going to try to kill us with. [00:20:23][6.1]

Sean: [00:20:24] And it gets crazy living in a world like this, doesn’t it? But I think there’s a great awakening happening. More and more people have reached the tipping point, and I think that’s what scares these people. What do you think? [00:20:34][10.0]

Kerri Rivera: [00:20:35] Yeah, I do. And I wonder sometimes, you know, how if we were better structured. So, for example, they have control of everything. They you know, they they have control of everything. But what of us? We that we the people have control. Like we have like actually something to set up and say, okay, now we’re going to set up, you know, like a, a parallel society or a parallel government or, you know, each state runs itself, you know, like start to get together and actually have alternatives for what we don’t seem to have an alternative for right now. [00:21:08][32.5]

Sean: [00:21:08] Yeah. Let me do a screen share here. I just typed this in, just this guy’s name, Klaus Schwab. This was one of the first returns from spectator AECOM, the World Economic Forum, heroes or villains? Let’s just scroll down to back up what I’m saying here. And of course, I thought this article would paint him as a saint. But here’s the truth. This author writes podcasts are one thing, but does the World Economic Forum have any real power? Increasingly, the answer is far too much. The 100 Million Farms project is central to a great deal of agriculture destruction. Take, for example, the Dutch farming industry. Farmers have been drastically impacted financially by inane climate policy enacted by the Dutch government, who have been desperate to live up to the World Economic Forum, net zero climate agenda and U.N. sustainability goals. Farmers were told that due to the high levels of ammonia resulting from runoff from their cows and in order to protect the mosquito population, they will need to lose 30% of their livestock. Mark Rutte, prime minister of the Netherlands, is an agenda contributor for the World Economic Forum. KERRY All of these leaders around the world are pushing this anti-human United Nations Agenda 2030 strategy policy. Are in the pocket of the World Economic Forum. And we can point these people out. And it really begs the question, at what point do they lose the security, the mental security, of being able to go to bed at night and sleep snug in their beds without people pulling them out of their beds and trying them for their crimes? I think that day is coming. [00:22:49][100.7]

Kerri Rivera: [00:22:50] I hope that day is coming. I really hope that day is coming. Yeah. I mean, I think that I think that humanity, we’re hanging in the balance right now and the future for humanity right now. Autism is one in 30 children with autism. That’s the new current number. And then I’m even working with families that contact me and say, you know, my child, they live in I think it’s Peru is the country where you cannot homeschool and you have to take the job in order to get into school. So I’m not talking about the standard vaccines that the children, like the children in the US and other places in the world are getting 72 before the age of two as a five or seven in one needle. But what’s happening now in some of these countries, these kids that don’t have autism, but they’re getting these jabs, like you said, it’s a bioweapon. It’s not a vaccine. They’re actually getting autism. Late onset symptoms at seven or eight years old, like headbanging and aggressive and and crying and tantrum and these kind of things. So they’re actually going for the rest of us. So the ones that are not getting the autism, they’re still able to pick them off, taking them out. And I was speaking with Dr. Stephanie Sena for one of the most outspoken, honest people, and I know you’ve had great experience there as well. She wrote a book about glyphosate causing autism and cancer and many other illnesses as well. And she also pointed out that chlorine dioxide breaks down glyphosate into useful molecules. And then that body is it by the chlorine dioxide, so you’re able to get rid of the glyphosate. When she wrote her book about lives saved poisoning, the the company who was publishing her book wouldn’t allow her to put the chapter about chlorine dioxide in her book. But still, she goes on to speak about how how truthful and how important chlorine dioxide is for getting rid of glyphosate in the body. And we were also talking about its use. So for example, the IQ levels of the kids now is lower than, say, when we were kids. For example, between the vaccines and the toxins and the glyphosate and the food and the chemicals in the food and the water and all those kind of things, you know. And of course, in all the what do they call Franken foods, in all the pre-fabricated foods that we shouldn’t be eating, these are all things that are dumbing us down. And of course, screen time kids are on screen time. All screen time also damages the brain. So a lot of kids are spending way too much time watching or playing video games and that sort of thing. [00:25:16][145.8]

Sean: [00:25:17] So yeah, and Zuckerberg wants everybody to get into the metaverse because spending four, six, 8 hours a day on your laptop or your mobile device, that’s just not enough. He wants you immersed in the metaverse, you know, 20 hours a day. All right. Well, let me do a screen share here. Kerry Rivera dot com. Kerry, people can scroll through here, listen to lots of great free interviews. And why don’t you tell us what is happening in the field of autism right now? Any new research or breakthroughs? [00:25:46][29.2]

Kerri Rivera: [00:25:47] Actually, there are some really exciting things that are happening now. Chlorine dioxide has been recovering thousands of kids over the last five, 12 years that I’ve been using it. But every year I find that somebody comes into my life and they give me a little bit more or a book is something comes into my my field of vision and it becomes great. So there’s a couple of new things. One of the things that I’m over the moon excited about is the carnivore diet on carnivore meat. And of course, you know, they’re going after the ranchers, they’re going after the farmers. Why? They want everybody on pea protein eating bugs and you know, and the soy and that kind of stuff. But actually, the recovery rates of the kids doing the chlorine dioxide protocol with the with the carnivore diet, the results are. Lightspeed. I mean, the recovery is something incredibly quickly, incredibly fast, you know. Dr. Sean Baker in his book The Carnivore Diet, talks about the Carnivore diet being basically like the fingerprints of humanity. It’s really where we come from. You know, a lot of us are thinking, well, you know, I live in Mexico where I live in the Colombia. I live in a country where there’s fruit and grains all year long. But if you go back maybe eight, 10,000 years, we were just kind of wandering around. We killed an animal. We did intermittent fasting. We picked up a seed or or a barrier or something here and there. But if you look at like Nanook of the North, for example, never seen a tree in his life, you know, just eating like walrus and things of that nature. Very good bones, very good teeth. So when you go back to actually how we should be eating all these complicated foods, you know, we were not like boiling vegetables. We didn’t have pots and pans back in those days. So it was a very different diet. And the kid’s guts are healing faster because there’s a gut brain connection. And for sure that is hugely important. And like I said, I’ve been watching you know, I’ve been watching autism recovery for 19 years. And, you know, gluten free, casein free is kind of the go to diet. And a lot of people say, yeah, I did it and didn’t really get anything because basically what happens is you take out wheat and dairy and then they’re eating every single thing else. So there’s a lot of problems with those foods. But if you actually go into like an exclusion diet where you’re eating really just, you know, meat, you know, they say from the nose to the tail, you know, everything in between, you can eat it. These kids are getting better, faster and faster than any other group that I’ve ever seen, whether it was gaps, diet or was as steady or gluten free or any of the other ones in between, it’s definitely the most important. And the other thing that is very, very exciting is called methylene blue. Methylene blue has been around for about as long as chlorine dioxide has been around. Also comes from like a textile process was used for dyeing closed blue, basically methylene blue and also like chlorine dioxide, they found it to kill malaria. And that was kind of how it started. They were using it for putting dye into petri dishes. And when they would put it with malaria, malaria would die. And then now there’s not a ton of information out there. It’s a really good book by Mark Sloan, and it’s on Amazon. It’s called The Ultimate Guide to Methylene Blue. But for brain issues, whether it’s fear, anxiety, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, autism, Alzheimer’s. And then, of course, every other plethora of illness in between. It works at a mitochondrial level. So one of the things is, you know, better recalls as people get older, they start to have more like, you know, dementia type symptoms. And there you go, really great. I did an interview with Mark Sloan from my Brighton Channel and he’s a just plethora of information. Of course, if you put it together with red light therapy, it’s even more intense. And but I mean, they’re actually had remission of Alzheimer’s after 56 weeks, remission, not just, you know, not just of an improvement. They had actual remission. And I just think that it’s it’s one of the newest things and it’s so inexpensive to buy. It’s so easy to use. There’s, you know, there’s just no secondary effects other than the fact that your urine turns blue. But that just makes you feel like you’re doing something good for yourself, too. So those are my two really exciting 20, 22 new things that are out there, and I think that they just benefit humanity as a whole. [00:30:11][264.2]

Sean: [00:30:12] Hmm. Well, that’s interesting. You’ve told me something I didn’t know. Methylene blue. Never heard of it. According to the book here, remarkable hope for depression, COVID, AIDS and other viruses, Alzheimer’s, autism, cancer, heart disease, cognitive enhancement, pain, and the great transition to metabolic medicine. Well, everybody should probably pick up a copy of that book, including myself, Kerry. I think it just goes to show, though, as the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab don’t want people eating meat, they’re literally saying by 2030, meat will be a very rare treat if the plebs get meat at all. And that’s why we see them trying to get Dutch farmers to call their cattle in the name of climate change. It’s all a big lie. It’s all anti-human, literally. They want to depopulate this planet and for those who survive, they want us under their total 100% control your own nothing and you’ll be happy. But now that we know the plan, and I’ve known it a long time, you’ve known it a long time. But now our friends, neighbors and many colleagues are starting to wake up to this diabolical plan. And I think it’s kind of a good thing that they stole this last election because that only served to wake up more people as Joe Biden implements all of these U.N. agenda. Klaus Schwab strategies to hurt us. Everything from open borders to destroying. Our energy infrastructure in this country and ultimately to implement U.N. Agenda 2030 policies. So we all live as serfs and we’re not going to do it. And by the way, Kerry, did you know that in this country, the criminals in the Congress just passed an assault weapons ban, and now it has to go to the Senate where it doesn’t have much hope of being implemented. But if traders in the Senate did vote that thing through and Biden signed it, it would cause chaos in this country because the people are not going to give up their weapons. Look what happened in Australia. Those poor folks are going to be locked down forever at the whims of the government because they’ve been disarmed. We’re not going to let that happen here. [00:32:12][120.7]

Sean: [00:32:13] Kerry I hope not, John. I really, really hope not because, you know, there’s been a lot of compliance going on, you know, and and people want to take it easy and nobody really wants to do that. I don’t want to mess up my life. I just want to kind of keep going along. So I’m going to be quiet. And, you know, Alex Jones said, you know, they’re coming for me first and then they’re coming for you. And they did. They went for all of us. I know. I lost my bank account. I lost my Facebook, kind of lost my PayPal account, lost of it. But at the same time, they’re coming for all of us. So we might as well get in the arena and say, okay, this is where I stand and this is my line in the sand and we have to do it for humanity. There is no future otherwise and we’re just part of we’re all going to die, know we don’t want to die soon, but at the same time we’re all going to die. So since we don’t have this, you know, the rest of the rest of eternity bought and paid for. We have to get in and we have to make a difference for the future. Otherwise there is no future. And like what I’m telling you, I’m one in 30 kids with autism. These children are not going to be reproducing these children. And autism is just a label for vaccine injury. So it’s not like the people that are out there saying, oh, I’m autistic and know the people that are running Facebook groups saying they have autism. They’re not the same group. We’re working with kids that are they’re in diapers, they’re self-injurious, they’re nonverbal. This is really where what what I’m against. You know, our children were born fine. And then sometime between 12 and 18 months, 24 months, they stop talking. They stop looking. What happened? Well, they’re vaccinated. And, you know, between 42 and 72 vaccines before the age of two, not a lot of immune systems can handle that. And my doctor said of and I already said it once before, but, you know, we’re affecting the kids. Okay. One in 30 has autism, but what about those other 29 guys? They’re not all doing so well either. We’re having a reduction in IQ points. So, you know, where’s the future of humanity? We’ve got a bunch of low IQ folks then. Then they’re taking care of the one guy who, you know, who can’t talk of the 30. [00:34:10][116.9]

Sean: [00:34:11] Well, that’s right. And, you know, the real problem beyond that is the fact that it really hurts families financially, emotionally, and it’s a lifelong sentence. You know, it’s so hard. We’ve talked about this in the past. I mean, the suicide rate among single mothers with sons or daughters with autism, mostly sons, by the way. But the suicide rate is extremely high because these people find themselves in absolute desperate situations thanks to the New World Order, Big Pharma and Rockefeller Medicine. [00:34:41][29.6]

Kerri Rivera: [00:34:42] And why don’t they let the insurance companies pick up autism? Because they create it. So it’s like the perfect it’s the perfect crime. I’m going to cause the crime. And then once I cause the crime, I’m gonna make money on the back end because you’re going to need all kinds of anti epileptics and all kinds of sedating medications, and it’s not going to be covered by the insurance companies. And that’s brilliant. I mean, you know, if you want to be as bad an evil as you can be, there could be nothing better than this vaccine injury and then label it autism so it doesn’t get picked up by the insurance company. [00:35:14][31.8]

Sean: [00:35:15] Yeah, no, it’s completely satanic. Again, if there’s any good news and it’s sort of cup half full perspective, it’s that people are starting to wake up to the fact that the powers that control this world are overtly evil and they worship a very, very dark power. That’s why they get into hurting us and our children. They love it. [00:35:36][21.0]

Kerri Rivera: [00:35:36] I love it. They love chidrenl. They go after the children. They’re always going after the children. You know, what is that? Drag queen story time. And they’re going after the children. They’re always going after our children and we’re just putting ourselves between them. And that’s why they’re going so hard after me. Because, like your mom always said, they hate you more than they hate me because you work with children. And that’s exactly it. Because if we can save the lives of these children, we can save humanity. Because, you know, my time’s almost up by maybe a couple more decades, and then that’s over. But you know what’s coming behind me, my children’s, our children, these are the ones that we have to worry about. We have to pave the way for them. Yeah. [00:36:10][34.3]

Sean: [00:36:12] Well, I always enjoy our conversations. Kerry, the website, guys is Carrie Rivera dot com. Carrie, thank you so much. Any final words of encouragement for those of us that want to defeat the New World Order? [00:36:22][10.8]

Kerri Rivera: [00:36:23] I would love to see people go to the universal ant dotcom. I have nothing to do with that documentary other than the fact that I really think it’s important for people to understand what it is and then find somebody who sells it and stockpile. You know, we’re always stockpiling food, but what about for our help we need. We have a bacterial infection. We have some kind of an infection going on. Chlorine dioxide lasts. I would just you know, they mostly sell it in plastic bottles, but you can transfer it to an amber dark bottle and it will store for years. And I really think that people should stockpile that as well as stockpiling food. [00:36:55][32.0]

Sean: [00:36:57] Yeah, I agree. Definitely food as well. Guys, we’re going to weather this storm because we are pretty much food self-sufficient in the United States and that isn’t true for many other nations around the world. So although they are trying to induce a famine via drought, certainly in the American West, so these people have a lot of cards to play. But the good news is, just like at the end of Wizard of Oz, once we pull that curtain back, we laugh at these people because they’re weak, frail Satanists, and the power we have is the truth. All they have is lies and deceit. Jesus and truth are on our side. Carrie, thank you so much for your time. I appreciate you. [00:37:33][36.2]

Kerri Rivera: [00:37:33] Thanks, Sean. Thanks for letting me be with you today. [00:37:35][1.7]

Sean: [00:37:36] Yeah, my pleasure, guys. Thanks so much for tuning in. Kerry Rivera. Dot.com is the website and the place to go for truth every single day. And the antidote to corporate propaganda from mockingbirds like brandy zadrozny is report tor.com and the phaser tor.com. I hope that God blesses you and your family friends. Thank you so much for tuning in. God bless. Bye bye. [00:37:58][22.1]

Sean: [00:38:01] We cannot consider ourselves a first world nation. We can’t think of ourselves as a superpower if we don’t control our own energy destiny. Okay. It’s it’s it’s simply is not enough just to be a financial superpower. [00:38:01][0.0]




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